Are you an IT professional looking for platforms to discuss emerging technologies and network with peers?

For you, we put together a long list of IT & tech conferences summoning all geeks and tech enthusiasts to learn, exchange knowledge and stay ahead rapidly evolving tech industry.

Whether you are a software developer, IT professional, UX designer, CEO, design enthusiast, a decision-maker or you just follow the latest technology trends, here you will find an event tailored for you.

Cool IT & tech conferences happening in Europe in 2022

IT & tech events in June 2022

Cool IT & tech events happening in Europe in 2022

  • Digital Enterprise Show | June 14-16, Malaga, Spain | acquire cutting-edge technology, innovative products, and solutions that will help you boost your business
  • ODSC Europe | June 15-16, London, UK | the best community data science event on the planet
  • Dublin Tech Summit | June 15-16, Dublin, Ireland | Dublin Tech Summit gathers the most influential minds in tech and business from across the globe
  • VivaTech | June 15-18, Paris, France | VivaTech brings together the best innovation actors to ignite positive change in business and  society
  • Cloudflare Connect | June 16, London, UK | an event that connects you directly to the ideas, technologies and people driving network and security transformation
  • TNW Conference | June 16-17, Amsterdam, the Netherlands | where founders, investors, corporates, and governments unite to discover the future of technology, now
  • InfoSecurity | June 21-23, London, UK | delivering expertise, knowledge and networking opportunities to grow stronger and more resilient together

IT & tech events in July 2022

Cool IT & tech conferences happening in Europe in 2022

  • droidcon berlin | July 6-8, Berlin, Germany | the premier android development conference.
  • DDX Conference | July 9, Munich, Germany | you will learn methods and case studies that will support and inspire you to apply design for positive change.
  • EuroPython | July 11-17, Dublin, Irelan | the oldest and longest-running volunteer-led Python programming conference on the planet!
  • Metaverse Summit | July 16-17, Paris, France | share, learn and build a positive future of Metaverse.
  • JBCNConf | July 18-20, Barcelona, Spain | there is something interesting for any kind of tech passionate:
  • stackconf | July 19-20, Berlin, Germany | stackconf is about open source infrastructure solutions in the spectrum of continuous integration, container, hybrid and cloud technologies.
  • Icinga Camp | July 21, Berlin, Germany | a mix of Icinga developers, community and enterprise users come together to discuss the latest trends and share their best practices.
  • FullStack eXchange |  July 27-28, London, UK | Connect (in person!) with hundreds of like-minded Full Stack developers (real humans!) as we explore the latest in JavaScript, nodeJS, IOT, and all the exciting new stuff that’s happening around Deno, TypeScript, Vite, yarn2, snowpack, and more.

Cool IT & tech conferences happening in Europe in 2022

IT & tech events in August 2022

  • SwiftConf | August 17-18, Cologne, Germany | SwiftConf is a small conference for great developers.
  • UX Nordic | August 26, Aarhus, Denmark | ground-breaking event for UX professionals, design enthusiasts and decision makers.

IT & tech events in September 2022

Cool IT & tech conferences happening in Europe in 2022

  • GambiConf | September 3-10, Lisbon, Portugal | GambiConf is a unique tech conference that’s gonna blow your mind!
  • IFA Berlin | September 2-6, Berlin, Germany | IFA is Europe’s biggest technology showcase, held in September every year in Berlin and attended by most of the major players in the industry.
  • ContainerDays |September 5-7, Hamburg, Germany | this is your opportunity to meet and exchange with other cloud native enthusiasts from across the globe in person or in the virtual world.
  • SmashingConf Freiburg | September 5-7, Freiburg, Germany | a friendly, inclusive conference for designers and front-end developers.
  • sec4dev Conference & Bootcamp | September 6-9, Vienna, Austria | a Vienna-based security event which targets one very specific group: people involved in software development.
  • JavaZone | September 7-8, Oslo, Norway | the biggest European community-driven conference for modern developers.
  • Uptime by Aiven | September 14-15, Amsterdam, Netherlands | The event is designed for developers, architects, data engineers, DevOps professionals, and anyone who wants to learn about open source data tools, such as PostgreSQL®, Apache Kafka®, Redis™, Apache Flink®, Grafana®, and more.
  • Big Data Expo | September 14-15, Utrecht, The Netherlands | the first platform to unite the supply and demand of the big data sector.
  • Industry of Things World | September 19-20, Berlin, Germany | the leading Industrial IoT event in Europe.
  • Infobip Shift | September 19-20, Zadar, Croatia | Infobip Shift is the largest Developer event in Southeastern Europe, which purpose is to bring the world’s brightest developers together.
  • Big Data LDN | September 21-22, London, UK | the UK’s largest free to attend data & analytics conference and exhibition.
  • Digital Transformation World Series | September 20-22, Copenhagen, Denmark | DTW is where delegates from across the industry get inspired and find the path to the common blueprints that will help unlock growth and leave with the tools to put their plans into action.
  • Swiss Python Summit | September 22, Rapperswil, Switzerland | the conference is suited for all skill levels, from early beginners to expert developers.
  • YOW! London | September 22-23, London, UK | YOW! Conferences bring together internationally recognized speakers and developers for an in‑depth look at emerging technologies and best practices in the software industry.
  • NDC Oslo | September 25-29, Oslo, Norway | NDC will cover all topics interesting to developers.
  • SEETEST | September 29-30, Sofia, Bulgaria | Get in touch with over 600 IT professionals.

IT & tech events in October 2022

  • GSAS | October 3-4, Barcelona, Spain | a 2-days summit which aims to attract and connect software architecture experts from all over the world as well as all those interested in building working software to improve their skills, share knowledge, and connect.
  • JAX London | London, UK, October 3-6 | JAX has been providing valuable, practical know-how about the world’s most popular programming language.
  • GOTO Copenhagen | October 3-7, Copenhagen, Denmark | experience what’s coming next in the world of tech and meet the experts that are taking us there.
  • Full Stack Europe | October 5-7, Antwerp, Belgium | the international conference for developers who want to learn across the stack.
  • Nordic.js | October 6-7, Stockholm, Sweden | Nordic.js is a single track JavaScript conference with talks by internationally renowned speakers and rising stars in the JavaScript community.
  • BASTA! | October 10-14, Mainz, Germany | the conference for .NET, Windows & Open Innovation.
  • API Conference Berlin | October 17-19, Berlin, Germany | the Conference for Web APIs, API Design & Management.
  • Serverless Architecture Conference | October 17-19, Berlin, Germany | to take full advantage of this new dawn of deploying, scaling and managing applications software architects and developers need to re-focus the way they design software systems.
  • dotnetdays Romania | October 20-22, Iasi, Romania | dotnetdays brings the .NET community in together for in-depth technical talks and workshops.
  • TestCon Europe | October 24-27, Vilnius, Lithuania | the biggest software testing conference in Europe.
  • EclipseCon | October 24-27, Ludwigsburg, Germany | the leading conference for developers, architects, and open source business leaders to learn about Eclipse technologies, share best practices, and more.
  • Droidcon London | October 27-28, London, UK | the premier android development conference.
  • | October 27-28, Amsterdam, Netherlands | the speakers will treat topics and case studies including JavaScript, CSS, performance culture, PWAs, image optimization, Web Vitals, performance budgets, frameworks, ecommerce, performance culture, monitoring, mobile browsers, and perceived performance.

IT & tech events in November 2022

PAIH | Lisbon Web Summit 2019

  • Web Summit | November 1-4, Lisbon, Portugal | Web Summit will bring together 70,000+ people, and the companies redefining the tech industry.
  • Devops Barcelona Conference | November 3-4, Barcelona, Spain | this Conference is for every SysAdmin, Ops, DevOps, Developer, Manager or Techie who wants to level up.
  • UK Cyber Week | November 3-4, London, UK | one week in November for the entire cyber community and frontline business leaders to unite and help make the UK a safer place.
  • PUSH UX | November 3-4, Munich, Germany | join the two days of inspiration, learning and exchange with designers, creative developers and UX professionals!
  • Heapcon | November 3-4, Belgrade, Serbia | a quality 2 day event that will demonstrate the power of cutting edge tech and how it keeps us together.
  • Open Source Monitoring Conference | November 14-16, Nürnberg, Germany | the annual meeting of international monitoring experts, where future trends and objectives are set.
  • ESPC | November 28-December 1, Copenhagen, Denmark | ESPC provides SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure professionals with the expert content and connections to help you achieve professional success.

IT & tech events in December 2022

Cool IT & tech conferences happening in Europe in 2022

  • Black Hat Europe | December 5-8, London, UK | an internationally recognized cybersecurity event series providing the most technical and relevant information security research.

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