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Eligibility: Undergraduate students from any institution that is part of the NIBS
Dates: The final is held between February 28 till March 5, 2016
Location:  San Antonio, Texas (location varies; hosted in 2016 by St. Mary’s University, Texas)

The Network of International Business Schools Worldwide Case Competition focuses on issues related to international business.

NIBS attracts entries from top globally-oriented business schools from across Canada, the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Each school is permitted to enter a single four-person team in the qualifying round, involving an eight-hour case analysis and strategy write-up. The top sixteen entrants are then invited to participate in the championship week, held at the host institution in late February or early March.

A unique aspect of the NIBS competition is its cultural and social program, which is held in conjunction with the competitive event. This includes special-access tours of major businesses, economic development projects, and key elements of local infrastructure.

For general information about the 2016 competition, visit their website.  You can also check out the NIBS website and this archive of the 2015 competition, hosted by Carleton University.


NIBS is open to all 3rd and 4th year business students, with special consideration given to BIB students and BCom students in the international business concentration. NOTE: As with all case competitions, participants must either be enrolled in BUSI 3800 (Fall term) or have previously completed the course.

Recruiting & Training Schedule

The NIBS team is selected in September. Weekly training sessions and practices take place in October to prepare for the Qualifying Round in November. If the team advances to the Championship Round, intense training is held in December, January and February to prepare for the final competition.  Check out mySprott through your Carleton Central to find out more.

St. Mary’s University’s Bill Greehey School of Business will serve as host of the 21st annual NIBS Worldwide Case Competition.  The 2016 Championship Round will take place in San Antonio, Texas from 28 February – 5 March.

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