Dear Prospects,

We sellers have a suggestion: Can we skip the dancing and just get real with each other? Here’s a modest proposal on how we can get along just a little better as sellers and buyers.

We sellers promise to:

* Do our homework before we call, not in the call – we respect your time.

* Have a hypothesis to share, not a “value proposition” to dump on you. We’re not sure, but we’d like to discuss opportunities to partner.

* Not try to “get around” gatekeepers – we know you rely on them to screen out the undesirables.

* Be clear about why we’re calling and the dialogue we propose – asking for “a minute” is disingenuous.

* Stop trying to sell anyway when you tell us you don’t have time.

* Be able to take “no” or “not now” for an answer – there’s someplace better we could be.

* Bring a perspective, insight, or learning that will add value to your life, even if you don’t buy from us.

In return, we respectfully ask you to:

* Be clear with us – if you’re not interested or it’s not time, tell us so.

* Stop stringing us along – we’re happy to send information, you don’t have to pretend to be a prospect.

* Empower your gatekeepers to help us – when they know your agenda and priorities, they can help us be more respectful of your time.

* Give us five minutes to establish a dialogue, even if you don’t need us now – you may later, or you may learn something you didn’t anticipate.

* Give us straightforward feedback on your interest, our ability to help, even how we are personally doing at selling. We thrive on feedback!

If we could just ditch the sales dance and talk human-to-human, things would move faster, you’d have fewer prospecting emails clogging up your inbox, and you may even find value where you didn’t anticipate it. Looking forward to our next conversation!

Best wishes,

Sellers of the World

Have you been in any of the situations described above? Are you also annoyed when you don’t hear back from a client? Share your thoughts with me by leaving a comment below.

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