Deadline: May 31, 2023 00:00 CEST| 👉 APPLY NOW
Eligibility: developers building machine-focused dApps.

Are you a founder developing decentralized applications to create a fair Economy of Things?

If yes, grab your chance to turn your idea into reality with:

peaq and EWOR Programme for Web3 founders

alphagamma Web3 founders wanted- peaq and EWOR fund the next generation founders opportunities

This is your opportunity to join a cohort of extraordinary entrepreneurs and get support from peaq and EWOR to develop decentralized applications and layer-2 protocols on peaq.

This highly competitive program will support five visionaries. Are you one of them?

If selected, you will gain access to a wide range of skills, mentoring, and networking opportunities and receive funding of up to €150,000 to support your project’s development!

Impact follows a power law. A small number of people are responsible for most of the change in the world. Our approach to making impact is to empower the most extraordinary visionaries to build enterprises with global impact.

Daniel Dippold, Co-Founder and CEO at EWOR

Powering the future of connected industries

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peaq is a cutting-edge Web3 network that drives the Economy of Things (EoT) on the most environmentally-friendly blockchain.

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Together with leading consortia such as Gaia-X, peaq is co-creating the standards that will power the future of mobility and other connected industries while working to democratize abundance in the Age of Automation.

By teaming up with EWOR, we are focusing some of the smartest people in the world on some of the world’s most urgent challenges. We are excited to lend our support and skills to the prospective founders and help them transform entire markets and industries with Web3 tech.

Leonard Dorlöchter, peaq’s co-founder

EWOR | Criteria | Leading Edge OnlyEWOR’s mission is to focus the world’s smartest people on the world’s biggest problems. Its unique programme ignites innovation by combining elements of an early-stage VC firm with a Master’s-like degree.

70% of EWOR graduates start a successful venture.

Peaq Foundation, a non-profit organization supporting peaq, joined forces with EWOR to empower a handful of entrepreneurs to tackle the following topics:

  • Making intimate healthcare data more secure and owned by the people
  • Peer-to-peer solar energy trading
  • Distributing machine-generated income more fairly

Granting Web3 founders up to €150,000 in funding

This unique 10-month program leverages EWOR’s Education Circle platform with high-quality Web3 courses co-created by EWOR and peaq.

Both peaq and EWOR will provide funding opportunities for the most promising Web3 Economy of Things projects. EWOR may invest between €75,000 and €150,000. The Peaq Foundation will support builders by providing funding from its Ecosystem Grant Program and introductions to investors backing peaq.

Moreover, it provides access to valuable mentorship, coaching, networking with peers and investors and weekly online sessions with seasoned entrepreneurs who have successfully built and scaled their own companies.

Where relevant, builders will also get introductions with companies and projects participating in the Gaia-X 4FM moveID project that peaq is part of alongside such enterprises as Bosch, Continental, and Airbus.

If you’re an entrepreneur passionate about developing innovative dApps, APPLY NOW and contribute to advancing the Web3 ecosystem!

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