Dreams deferred can feel like someone is ripping all hope and faith away from you if you allow toxic emotions to detour you from hope and faith.

A dream deferred can keep you hoping and doubting at the same time. The patience and faith that must accompany dreaming require persistence.

Do you have patience, I ask?

Do you have the wherewithal to sustain the doubt that would come to kill every unfulfilled dream that lays dormant in your mind?

You know those dreams that you told God about, and now you have made excuses for the reality that they have not yet come to pass.

What about those dreams that you wouldn’t dare telling anyone about because you don’t even believe in them yourself?

They were but mere fleeting thoughts that passed through your mind, and when you ponder on them, you feel exceedingly joyful and your stomach begins to turn because of the tiny possibility that your thoughts could become a reality.

But then, the thought passes and the reality of the day sets in; you begin to feel the pressure of bills, work, and family gnawing at the base of your neck, and so you resign that fleeting thought and return to the familiarity of your ordinary preplanned life.

Yes, you know what I’m referring to because just as I’ve explained it, you remembered that moment in time where the thought of something amazing quickly left your mind.

I know that I’ve buried more than one dream in my lifetime. I have ordered the flowers and orchestrated the guest list for the service; I made sure to invite my will, emotions, and my faith to these funeral processions so that they too will know that some things are just not possible.

My doubt had become greater than the reality of my true identity and because of that, I put my dreams to rest! “RIP Dreams!” was always what I wrote on the tablet of my mind. My only will was to one day wake up to the fact that just because I’ve buried my dreams doesn’t mean that they will not happen. Just because I’d given up on waiting for some things to materialize doesn’t mean that they weren’t going to come.

For me to resurrect the faith of my dead dreams, I had to believe again.

I had to know who I was for real this time. Not because people told me who I was, but because I know who I am.

I have a spectacular life to fulfill: one that encompasses peace and joy. I’m talking about real joy, that states to a dream deferred, “you will come to pass!”

Have you had situations when you were in doubt? How did you fight this feeling? Let me know in the comments below.

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