Think Different

This is the third part of the 3-series article about the Sheep on Autopilot theory.

If there were no individual exceptions and no challenges in life, the entire humanity would be living a simple, stable and quiet life, without having the need to reason or whatsoever.

Often, reasoning is something seen as negative by several agents of our society. At least, it is not considered to be cool.

‘Come on, just lose it and have some fun, dude!’

Without sounding too sarcastic, reasoning requires a lot of work. Lots of people hate it. In our daily tasks and concerns, for a high percentage of our time, we don’t get to think, we’re only living on the autopilot mode.

How common is to meet someone who tells us he doesn’t like to take life too seriously or to reason too much?

It is due not only to the fact that reasoning is demanding but mainly to the fact that thinking might force us to question our emotional stability, even if for a single second.

And no one likes to shake his emotional stability because that can lead to a feeling that something isn’t right. The reasoning is the only way we can change anything in our lives, but it requires discipline. As in everything in life:

there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch

It is the motivating factor that allows us to think through what we are and who we want to be, so we can change and grow in the process.

But once again, let’s face it, people don’t like changing. Changing is a complicated process that implies mental exercise, as we have to realise there’s something we’re not happy with, and that deserves our effort to be improved.

How humble yet painful is having the capability to recognise we have something to change.

So, this reasoning inactivity is what stops the human being from growing by understanding his role, what he desires in life and, above all, what does he want to represent to his legacy when he’s no longer among them.

Given this, the entire human species is dependent on a few brave men that reason. We need courageous people that question the reality, challenge the status quo and think different.

While the entire society will regularly kick these guys to be equal to everyone else, will criticise them, make fun of them and judge them, they will still be the ones who create the breakthroughs. They will be the ones who will push the human race forward.

Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.

It is my personal mantra.

It is also the driver that makes me want to live on the edge, investing in myself every day. Even if that means doing what everyone else thinks is useless. And it is my source of motivation to help others breaking out of the standard status quo.

Back to Kings and Peons from Napoleon Bonaparte (the first part of this article), can you now understand why some are Kings, and some are Peons? Unfortunately, there will always be the ones buying the concert tickets and the ones selling them.

It is also comparable with the fact that if you’re doing what everyone else does, there’s a high chance you will be working all your life to fulfil someone else’s dreams.

One thing is for sure: we don’t want to be Peons, but that demands courage and discipline to say ‘no’ to society dogmas and to keep growing.

I will now leave you with the best ad I’ve ever seen from Apple. Honestly, it still gives me chills up to this day.

The original ad that went live in 1997 didn’t have the voice of Steve Job, like the video you will see. This version only came to the public after his death in 2011.

Thanks for reading, I hope this article and Apple’s ad can inspire to move on with your life aspirations.

Let me know how do you find it in the comment section below.

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