Entrepreneurship is not for the faint-hearted.

It’s common for business owners to report that they failed many times before finding the success that gets them known as an actual entrepreneur.

Succeeding in business requires a deep inner resolve that fights through challenges and failures. It’s the learning from past mistakes that allows the success to eventually occur.

Successful entrepreneurs require great resolve and a strong work ethic

When it comes to entrepreneurship you can’t have a weak mindset. It’s a strong work ethic and positive attitude that ultimately allows the best of the best to shine through.

Let’s explore the key attitudes needed to succeed as an entrepreneur.


A curious mindset is one that allows a person to keep moving forward in spite of setbacks. If you response to so-called “failure” by asking how it could be done better, you’re on the right track.


All people feel fear. Entrepreneurs aren’t any different in terms of feeling this emotion. They fear that their ideas aren’t good enough or that people won’t follow them. What entrepreneurs don’t allow is for their fear to define them.

They don’t allow fear to stop them from moving forward. They use bravery to push through any feelings of inadequacy. When their ideas fail, they have a knack for stepping into a mindset that allows for corrective action instead of deciding that they aren’t cut out to achieve their goals.


A natural passion for creating things and making things better exists in the entrepreneur. Instead of settling for how the world looks already, they strive for ways to improve things and make something new that helps others.

It’s this passionate drive that fuels the unending energy required to move past any obstacles until the job is complete. Not everyone feels the passion in this way. Entrepreneurs definitely do.

Work Ethic

There’s no way to build a company without a strong work ethic. It’s almost impossible to find a successful entrepreneur who got there by working a regular 8 hour day Monday through Friday and watching movies on the weekends.

Instead, they worked long hours and used their passion for results to drive them to continue working toward their stated goal.

A strong work ethic includes a willingness to get up early and work hard into the night. It most likely requires the need for some 7-day workweeks.

Entrepreneurs are inspired to keep going, whether that means testing a new idea, hiring smart people to help them, establishing HR best practices, or designing new products.


A person who has trouble navigating setbacks will struggle to become a successful entrepreneur. Instead, flexibility is required in the face of challenges or hurdles that must be overcome. An entrepreneur has an attitude that allows for making adjustments on the fly.

They understand that their first vision of how to get their ideas turned into reality may not be the best way. It’s this flexibility that allows them to change course and go in a new direction without feeling stress or mental anguish.


An entrepreneur must absolutely operate from a place of integrity. It’s impossible to succeed without the help of others. This would include employees, investors, vendors, colleagues, and partners.

Everyone an entrepreneur has contact with needs to know that they believe in being accountable and work from an attitude of trust.


Entrepreneurs don’t need outside sources to motivate or tell them it’s time to go to work. Instead, their attitude is one where they feel a natural motivation to get things done.

This attitude of success also plays a huge role when it comes to overcoming the above-stated fear and obstacles. When met with negative situations, the successful entrepreneur feels a need inside to get back into action.

As you can see, being an entrepreneur is not for the weak minded. True entrepreneurs work on keeping a positive mental attitude at all times. They push until they have realized the success they envisioned.

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