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April 2016
Cost: Submission of projects and participation is free
International participants
Shenzhen, China

The First Innovation competition of International Talents, Shenzhen, China 

In April, 2016, Shenzhen, China will host The First Innovation competition of International Talents. This competition is the penultimate event in a series of competitions held around the world that will exhibit innovative thinking and game-changing advances in technology and industry.

The competition participants will have the chance to gain insight and direction from senior industry specialists and therefore improve both their projects and their experience of working with leaders in the China market.

The Shenzhen government is providing comprehensive assistance through the introduction of a range of funds and policies which will support a number of the outstanding projects to accelerate their industrialization and utilization by the public.


  • Regional Divisions: Silicon Valley, USA, Tokyo, Japan, Munich, Germany, Sydney, Australia and Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Shenzhen Final: Longgang District, Shenzhen City, China.


  • The competitor must not have registered a Chinese enterprise or worked in a Chinese enterprise at the time of event registration.
  • The competitor could be intending to register an enterprise or seek employment within Shenzhen, China
  • The lawful rights of the product, technology or related patents in the competition are retained by the participants, and any associated torts and intellectual property violations are the participants’ responsibility.
  • All the participants must agree to the conditions above.

Competition Categories

  • Internet and Mobile Internet (Information technology)
  • Electronic Technology
  • Biology and Life Sciences
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Materials and Energy (including energy conservation and environmental protection)


29 Feb 2016
Australian division competition registration ends. Online registration of innovation projects is acceptable. Both individual and group entrants are permitted.

1 – 15 Mar 2016
First online reviews begin. Judges will conduct online reviews of all projects across all divisions. The top ten projects within each regional division will proceed to their respective second stage regional competition.

5 Apr 2016
The second stage division competition begins including the first on-site reviews. The Judges will conduct on-site reviews of all advancing projects. First, Second and Third regional division prizes will be allocated based upon the demonstration of their work accompanied by their dissertation. The top 5 projects within each division final will proceed to Shenzhen, China to participate in the championship competition. In addition, the Shenzhen government will provide return airfares for the Top 10 finalists plus accommodation for the Top 5.

14 – 18 Apr 2016
The third stage, The Championship final begins in Shenzhen. The Championship will contain 25 projects, evenly drawn from the various division competitions. Industry specialists and People’s judges will review the participants and their projects on-site. First, Second and Third place prizes will be awarded, based on the demonstration of their work, accompanied by their dissertation.

During the competition, the Committee will organize a field trip for all participants to observe innovative environments within Shenzhen. This trip will create some industry connections within Shenzhen enterprises and public institutions, including pioneer parks, investment institutions and other related enterprises.


The Division Heats:

  • First Prize – US$5,000
  • Two Second Prizes of US$3,000 each and
  • Three Third Prizes of US$2,000 each

The Grand Final:

  • First Prize – US$80,000
  • Three Second Prizes of US$50,000 each and
  • Six Third Prizes of US$30,000 each

For winning projects of the Championship final that intend to register an enterprise or seek employment in the Longgang District, Shenzhen, China, within 6 months following the competition, extra prizes will be provided by the Longgang government.

  • First Prize – RMB 400,000
  • Three Second Prizes of RMB 300,000 each and
  • Six Third Prizes of RMB 200,000 each

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