Brand loyalty in simple words can be defined as how hard and how fast a heart of a consumer beats towards a brand.

Turn anyone into a brand fan with these 6 tips

How does his impulse react when interacted with a brand logo that he is loyal to? To what extent is the consumer willing to associate himself with a brand through its highs and lows?

That is one of the main reasons why so many companies focus on this. They believe that brand loyalty is the success formula to getting higher revenues. As we know, cash flow keeps any company alive.

Now the question is what exactly turns anyone into a brand-loyal consumer.

Based on various research findings and my experience as a marketer, I have summed up 6 major findings of what makes a consumer loyal to a brand, and which I am applying to my own business practices:

1. Quality = loyalty

No matter how strong your customer services, after sale services, marketing and sales teams are, at the end of the day it all boils down to quality.

Your product is your best marketing. If you’re not able to provide the same superior quality every time, you are ought to lose on brand loyalty from your consumers.

2. Purchase experience comes first

Self-actualization is the most important need for most of us. Everyone wants to feel special and be treated in a unique way.

Your company has a quality product but fails to make feel customers special? I’m afraid your company won’t go too far with earning brand loyalty.

3. A price point will make or break your brand

In a world where the race is all about economic resources and a vast amount of information available on the web, customers expect GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY.

If consumers feel that the product is overpriced, they may refrain from becoming loyal. An optimal good value for money technique coupled with 2 previous points will work wonders for you.

4. Be accessible

If your product or service is not easy accessible in today’s post-modern era, then it should become your concern.

Customers should be able to access your product or service at ease. The more conveniently they can avail the product/service and its benefits that are offered, the more points you are sure to earn on brand loyalty.

5. Elevate the status of your customers

It’s not a bag; it’s Gucci. It’s not a phone; it’s Apple. We all have heard similar phrases many times. That is what happens in actual life, and that is exactly how companies want you to perceive them.

Your brand’s image is a status symbol, but bear in mind that the way to raise it should be unique – since there are other competing brands offering similar or a better feel of status.

6. Social responsibility efforts reinforce the brand

The world is going green, but surprisingly very few companies are following this commitment and others might not because of the circumstances they are in. And I‘m referring to Asian countries in particular.

However, if you are betting on a corporate social responsibility alone, chances are you will get support from a very limited audience.

Finally, you can’t focus on just one area to make your customers loyal to your brand and product – work on all of the areas. Just keep in mind, that customers will decide whether your product is worth buying. At the end, it’s all about offering more value for money.

How do you find these findings on brand loyalty? How did you make your clients happy for your brand? Share your insights and feedback in the comment section below.

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