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I normally hear when working with my clients: “I’m not a salesperson and I don’t have any sales strategies.”

Yeah, me neither. I’m just a person who happens to be talking to another person, and I think I have something that will help them.

What are the 5 best sales strategies in 2019?

Selling is all about communication.

While people communicate every single day, they often do not say anything of any real value. Talking about the weather is just scratching the surface of how superficial human communication can be.

However, a skillful salesperson is just a master of human psychology and communication. While slimy salesmen have taken advantage of this understanding of human communication, an honest salesperson can connect with people on an incredible level.

Sales done right means that the product sells itself, and the reason for that is because you are not trying to sell it. You simply believe in it.

Here are five powerful tips you can implement into your sales communication techniques to show your consumer just how much you really believe in your product.

1. Cause and effect

Actively listen to the consumer’s concern.

They come to you because they want a product to fix a problem that they’re having at home.

The biggest problem with selling to somebody like this is convincing them that they have a problem.

While they may come in your store for a purchase, they often talk themselves out of purchasing once they see the price tag.

The job of the sales person then is to show the consumer the negative effects of not having this product, and the positive effects that the product will give the consumers life.

Oftentimes the cost of not having the product outweighs the product itself. This is what you need to emphasize.

2. Preempt the objections

Using active listening throughout the entire conversation will allow the sales person to anticipate which objections consumers are going to use when it comes time to close.

For example, if the sales person sees a married woman come in without her husband, likely the objection will be, “I need to talk to my spouse before I make this purchase.”

Before she even says this, the sales person can talk about how the product has a guarantee, followed by explaining to the consumer that they can implement the product and be seen as very savvy by their spouse for fixing the problem.

This compliments the consumer and also alleviates their concerns about purchasing.

When it comes to negotiation training, the more objectives you can counter throughout your presentation, the easier it will be for you to close at the end.

3. Use positive verbiage

Confidence is everything.

Negative words like “can’t” or “not” have a tendency to cast doubt into people’s minds. Framing all of your verbiage in a positive way will put the consumer in a better mood.

It will also help build their confidence in you as a person and in the product itself.

Do you not emphasize the negative in your examples, and emphasize how your product is the solution.

4. “No” is just a request for more information

The word no is just request for more information.

Obviously, sales people should not chase consumers out the door after consumer has said no, a salesperson needs to be persistent.

One of the many sales strategies that I like to implement when a consumer says they’re not interested in something is the apology. I say something to the effect of, “I’m so sorry. I must not of explained this very well. Let me just try again and see if I can do my job a little bit better for you, okay? I just want you to have all the information.“

Tone is everything here.

This needs to be said apologetically but with confidence. You need to say it in such a way that you communicate genuine desire to educate the consumer without speaking down to them. Practicing different tonalities and verbiage is critical.

5. Assume the sales

Lastly, you need to assume that the sale is already going to happen.

Statistically, know you’re not going to sell to every consumer that you speak to. However, if you go in confident and just have fun with the sales process, assuming the sale is easy.

If you believe in the product that you were selling and you believe that people within your target market need it, expecting them to buy and speaking in that way throughout the entire interaction will bring about more sales.

Sales strategies will give you an air of confidence and allow the consumer to feel educated and confident in you and your product.


At the end of the day, sales is communication. Mastering these five communication tips will certainly give you a powerful edge when it comes to talking with your potential customers.

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