Finding truth outside of silence

Finding and speaking your truth can be intimidating. However, we should tell the truth so that healing can occur.

The first time that I wrote about and spoke my truth was hard. I panicked and then wanted to run and hide. I had no idea the impact my story would have on me as well as others.

The initial shock of negative messages like, “who does she think she is,” “what are they going to say,” “what if they don’t like me anymore,” and “I am the bad one for sharing my story,” left me feeling vulnerable, scared, and weak.

I had to silence my critics, the critic that reside in my head (toxic thoughts) as well as others negative and toxic opinions of me.

“A caterpillar’s DNA is the same as a butterfly’s. The innermost knitting of the cumbersome caterpillar reflects the glorious creature it was created to be. Paired with the beautiful story of hope and resilience, this tiny creature gave me hope in times of utmost darkness” — Kim Bjanes

Speak your truth

The truth is desperate to come out. It needs to be released. It speaks to me: you’ve held me in for far too long.

For what? Who and what are you still scared about? I tell myself, It’s okay, to tell the truth now. You don’t have to keep protecting them from your truth. You need to live your life.

The hidden stories within you are tying you down in the barren, desert land of silence. You don’t belong here anymore. Silence is no longer your home.

Finally, just talk. So, naturally, I scream. I yell. “Do you know why they are treating me this way?”  “Do you know how much it hurts?”

Then, I spit out the truth. And I wake up. I wake up wishing it hadn’t just been a dream.

But, I refuse. I will no longer make my home in the barren land of silence. Even if rejection occurs.  I refuse to be forced to live and believe my story is too shameful to bring to the light.

If I could voice the pain carried by the generations of those in my family, I think my pain will be worth it. I will be the one to discover a new place to call home.

What will it do? I ask myself.

I know what it will do: it will give me wings.

The truth will set me free. It will set us all free.

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