Everyone knows the world continues to become more competitive and many jobs are being outsourced to the most cost effective outlet or automated completely.

The job market for the next generation is questionable

Tractor-trailer drivers earn over $40k in the US, as autonomous vehicles continue to improve and inevitably become commonplace, those jobs will vanish. Sales representatives across a magnitude of sectors: banking, insurance, compliance, and more earn over $50k, and those positions are disappearing as simple websites make accessing the information and purchasing a product just a few clicks away.

Those are just a couple obvious examples of what the next decades of technological improvements will do to shift the economy.

So what should someone seeking to improve their prospects and increase their marketability do?

I believe that finding positions in areas where people will prefer to rely on other people is a safer bet. Look at your senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell, how can you improve at least one of those for fellow man?

Do you trust an insurance agent that cold-calls you at dinner more than a website that lists comparable prices at your convenience?

Probably not.

Do you trust a chef that cooks with organically grown vegetables more than a giant corporation that mass produces lunch for a nutritious meal?

Probably yes.

Look forward to the future when selecting career paths

Computers are better at crunching numbers than humans, calculate the square root of 123,456,789… it’s 11,111.1, dummy. They are better at solving sequential paths, Deep Blue beat chess master Kasparov in 1997 – that’s nearly 20 years ago.

People must pursue paths that computer processors can’t beat humans. Idea generation is going to be key for success in the next generation, computers perform tasks based upon their programming.

Keep those ideas in mind when figuring out your 60-year career. Otherwise, a computer will outperform you just like Kasparov was debunked.

Good luck everyone!

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