Deadline: November 17, 2017 | Apply here
Prize: The winning applicant will have the opportunity to enter into a long-term partnership with Norman Piché, a Certified Financial Planner from Ontario, Canada.
Eligibility: The ideal partner will provide the technical expertise in the development of a software tool for financial planning.

FinTech Partner Challenge 2017

The FinTech Partner Challenge seeks a co-founder from North America that also shares a passion for scaling financial planning services to anyone, anywhere.

Our shared goal will be to lessen the burden of financial uncertainty and provide all individuals with the necessary tools to enable sound, empowering decision-making.

The ideal partner will provide the technical expertise in the development of a software tool.

This tool will serve the widest possible user-base with an automated, comprehensive, solutions-based financial planning service.

The Challenge

Design and develop a simple, mobile-friendly website where a user can anonymously register, input these 6 simple data pieces, and retrieve an automated output report; estimated benefits and related costs of the financial solution (estimated income tax refund and estimate interest loan cost). Financial planning expertise is not required.

Your website must also be able to generate the output report, and then the client must be able to share the report and chart with other people.

About the Sponsor: Norm Piché

Norm Piché is an award-winning Wealth Management Consultant with a solid background in finance.

Starting his career in the banking industry and working his way to Branch Manager, Norm transitioned to Investors Group in 1998 where he has been recognized with President’s Club and President’s Elite awards over several years.

Norman Piché is the author of “The Alternative Investment Option” (January 2016) and the host of Eastlink TV’s “Financial Matters” and “Call the Experts”.

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