4YFN [4 Years From Now] is a set of conferences devoted to how tech startups are changing the way we do business and how these businesses impact our lives.

4YFN: Connecting people and ideas

Dates: November 15-17, 2016 | Location: Barcelona | Register here
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Dates: February 27 – March 3, 2017 | Location: Barcelona | Register here

At 4YFN they believe that the startup culture is the driving force for change in economy and business fabric, and one of the main drivers to improve citizens’ quality of life. That’s why 4YFN has consolidated as a business platform for the global tech startup community. Their goal is to help startups, investors and corporations to create lasting connections. And, of course, they believe Barcelona is the perfect place to start and grow your digital business!

4YFN aims to:

  • Connect: Build, empower and boost connections between Barcelona’s tech ecosystem and international tech hubs.
  • Inspire: Knowledge is the key to development so the aim is to broaden your mind.
  • Ignite: Discover innovation and technology leaders, in order to give birth to disruptive ways to understand and do business.

4YFN is for:

  • Startups
    For those entrepreneurial projects that want to gain visibility, connect to funds and corporations and strengthen their networking capabilities.
  • Investors
    They highlight the startups with most potential and make sure you meet the right ones. They connect investors from different markets so they can do business together.
  • Corporations
    They can help them approach to innovation through the startups culture. They build a bridge between corporation and startups so they can design and market innovative products and services together.


4YFN is a programme of Mobile World Capital Barcelona (MWCB), an initiative to make Barcelona a benchmark for mobile tech transformation. Its aim is to generate the optimum conditions for companies and agents from different fields to carry out this transformation, and that this will result in an impact on the territory.

MWCB is a tool that should act as an engine for development and internationalization of the whole business of Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain.

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