Deadline: The 2017 IMED Graduate programme will be open for applications in Q3 2016
graduates with a bachelor’s or master’s degree, who have graduated in 2015, or are due to graduate in 2016
2 years
Waltham, The United States; Mölndal, Sweden; Alderley Park and Cambridge, The United Kingdom

AstraZeneca IMED Graduate Programme

Whatever point you are in your career, at AstraZeneca your talent will be valued across the globe. There you’ll find an energised, supportive environment inspired by innovation and exemplary leaders at every level.

AstraZeneca is an innovation-driven, global, biopharmaceutical company, so you’ll be collaborating with people whose ideas are as diverse as the cultures that have shaped them. You’ll find we are full of opportunity, with a vision to save lives through innovative science, collaboration and exceptional service delivery.

Committed to operating with integrity and high ethical standards across all the activities, you’ll certainly be surprised where the science can take you.

At AstraZeneca, there are many pharmaceutical career paths and programmes available to you, in locations across the globe. Begin channelling your passion with AstraZeneca.

About IMED Graduate Programme

The AstraZeneca graduate programme in Innovative Medicines and Early Development (IMED) is designed for those with a passion for science, and a desire to make a genuine difference to the lives of patients today and in the future.

During the course of the programme, you will have the opportunity to make a real contribution to AstraZeneca projects and could find yourself involved in scientific breakthroughs that will help deliver the next generation of life-saving medicines.

For IMED, collaboration is a way of life. They are committed to developing great science in the labs and combining this with the very best external science.

At AstraZeneca, graduates undertake a two-year programme where they will complete three different eight-month placements across IMED with a focus on the breadth of experience. The company has placements available at their three strategic sites in the US, Sweden and the UK.

With a placement in the IMED Biotech Unit, you’ll help translate the scientific advances the company is making into the next generation of life-saving medicines. These are real projects with real responsibility.

What you can expect

AstraZeneca is looking for 30 talented science graduates from a broad range of science disciplines with a bachelor’s or master’s degree, who have graduated in 2015, or are due to graduate in 2016.

  • The company is particularly looking for those individuals who have a passion for science and really want to make a difference to patients worldwide by helping them to push the boundaries of science and develop the next generation of medicines that will revolutionise healthcare around the world.
  • This is a two-year programme and includes three distinct rotations through different areas of Innovative Medicines and Early Development, providing a broad exposure to multiple areas of basic and applied scientific research.
  • You’ll be encouraged to make a real contribution to the company projects from day one. So you’ll find yourself involved in the design and development of new products leading to the next generation of life-saving medicines, right from the start of your career.
  • You may also have the opportunity to complete an international rotation at another R&D site.
  • Graduates are enrolled in the Global Graduate Development Programme where they focus on the softer skills that are required to make the successful transition into Industry.
  • You will complete three modules where you will travel to one of AstraZeneca Global R&D Sites to complete the programme and build your knowledge of the exciting science and facilities that are located on each of the R&D Sites.
  • You can also expect a competitive salary and benefits, including the potential for future employment or sponsored study, along with a mentor to support you from day one.
  • The company offers all graduates a generous relocation support if required including Swedish language lessons if you are moving to Sweden.

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