Is there too much stress in your life? Are you spending day after day staring at a computer screen and working in a sitting position?

Regardless of what your background is – whether you are active in business or any other field – the chances are there is much stress occurring everyday.

Luckily, there are many ways to relax after a stressful day. One of them is practicing yoga. Yoga is meant to bring balance to the mind and ensures well-being of the body.

The best yoga festivals in 2018

So here is the list of the best yoga festivals around the world in 2018:

Yoga Festivals in March 2018

Yoga Festivals in April 2018

Yoga Festivals in May 2018

Yoga Festivals in June 2018

Yoga Festivals in July 2018

Yoga Festivals in August 2018

Yoga Festivals in September 2018

Yoga Festivals in October 2018

Yoga Festivals in November 2018

Yoga Festivals in December 2018

  • to be announced soon

Did we miss any interesting festivals and events? Let us know!
We will keep this list fresh by adding new events throughout the upcoming year, so feel free to share other yoga festivals worth mentioning by sharing them in the comment section below.

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