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Location: Warsaw, Poland

Big Data Tech Warsaw 2020

Big Data Tech Warsaw is an exciting one-day conference with purely practical content in the fields of data science, AI, data monetization, data engineering, DevOps and the Cloud.

In the agenda, you will find real stories from the trenches, practical case-studies and technical presentations given by experts and true practitioners who work at top data-driven companies. They will share their use-cases, recommendations, tips, successes and failures.

Independent Big Data conference with purely technical presentations

The conference doesn’t accept marketing and sales presentations. Its agenda is not influenced by any single large vendor. The audience – packed full of technical folk! – is the main focus!

It will be a real meeting of professionals. We look forward to seeing you there!

Why attend?

  • Over 50 outstanding speakers who work with Big Data at top data-driven companies
  • Over 600 attendees from various companies that use Big Data in production use-cases from all over the world (you can also learn from them!)
  • Highly technical and vendor-neutral content thanks to the absence of a single main vendor as the main sponsor/organizer of the conference who curates the agenda
  • Five practical tracks that cover the most important and up-to-date aspects of Big Data, including data science, data monetization, real-time stream processing, data engineering and the cloud
  • Over 20 round-table discussions to exchange opinions and experiences on specific topics
  • Technical and practical workshops before and after the conference
    Each of the five previous editions of the conference was a great success

There will be a plenary session with the three keynote presentations and five parallel tracks

  • Data Engineering
  • Streaming and Real-Time Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
  • Data Strategy and ROI
  • Architecture, Operations and Cloud

The second part of the conference will contain over 20 round-table discussions on various topics like

  • Challenges of building a modern & future-proof data processing platform
  • AI, Machine Learning and Big Data in the enterprise
  • Data visualization – how to visualize large, complex and dirty data and what tools to use
  • Choosing a right BI solution for a large data and a quick response time
  • Analytics and Customer Experience Management on top of Big Data
  • IoT in production – use-cases, data, tools and challenges
  • Stream processing engines – features, performance, comparison

Unique elements in 2020

  • New Tracks

The fifth track called “Data Monetization and ROI” was added to the agenda, with real-world use-cases that explain to use data can be used to generate growth, value-added and positive financial impact.

Since most of the Big Data projects are difficult to complete on time and in the budget, this track will also focus on technical, cultural and leadership aspects that are key to successful Big Data initiatives at enterprises, avoiding wasting money and getting a positive return on investment (ROI).

  • Outstanding Speakers

Thanks to the Call For Papers and direct invitations, the event will host even more outstanding speakers who have interesting stories to share.

  • Networking Opportunities

A lot of opportunities to meet and talk to speakers and attendees will be provided. This includes the party before the conference, round-table discussions led by experts and, of course, the conference itself, which is full of great presentations, Q&A sessions, panels and a few coffee breaks.

  • Collaboration with Meetups

We love knowledge sharing and meetups that promote Big Data technologies. Discounts to all members of numerous meetups from many European countries will be granted, including Poland, Austria, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Serbia, Turkey, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and more.

Interested in attending the Big Data Tech Warsaw 2020? Register your participation by following the registration link and taking the suggested steps.

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