Dates: September 25-27, 2016 | Apply here: startups / corporates / investors / students
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Location: Munich, Germany
Prices: starting from EUR 149,-

Bits & Pretzels: 3 days, 5000 participants

Bits & Pretzels evolved into the biggest festival for founders in Europe. But the number that gives the best testimony is the overwhelming percentage of participants that come back every year to refresh this experience.

Get inspired by the speakers for Bits & Pretzels 2016

Bits & Pretzels stage and panel discussions host selected speakers that are able to open up new perspectives for your startup.

Meet 400+ investors hunting for the hottest startups

At Bits & Pretzels, you can meet hundreds of Business Angels or institutional investors. Schedule meetings or join their office hours. They go to Bits & Pretzels only to find awesome startups. Don’t miss out on getting 1 on 1 with them!

Find a job at the hottest startups or the big players

You are tired of writing thousands of emails to HR? Stop writing and go where the jobs are born.

At Bits & Pretzels you will meet hundreds of rising startups and innovative corporations. News flash: they go to Bits & Pretzels to find awesome talents like you! So place your details in our data bank and show up!

Meet the hottest startups before others even know them

You have to look very closely to spot the next big thing.

That’s why all aspirants are lined up at Bits & Pretzels. And give you a magnifying glass. Before the event starts you’ll get comprehensive information about all attending startups. And the 100 most innovative will be handpicked to compete in our pitch and for your favor.

Meet the big players and the rising stars of the ecosystem

Like every conference Bits & Pretzels lives on its attendees.

Munich was already rich in top-notch companies and progressive thinkers but over the last years they did everything to make the event a magnet for the whole startup ecosystem. The major success of 2015 speaks in our favor and the current attendee list for itself!

Meet business partners

Reliable business partners are hard to spot. That’s why all of them are lined up at Bits & Pretzels. Before the event starts you’ll get comprehensive information about all attending startups. Future key accounts, partners or competitors? Make your selection as long as they are small!

Meet the key players of venture capital

At Bits & Pretzels you will meet hundreds of other Business Angels and institutional investors. Enjoy the absolutely unique gathering with your colleagues in one traditional beer tent and witness a totally new networking concept.

Pick from an enormous pool of talent to grow your team

One thing is clear: To hire exceptional talents you have to go exceptional places. At Bits & Pretzels high-potentials from all over the world are gathered in an informal, unusual setting. Some looking for investors, some looking for new opportunities and some looking forward to meet up with you. Cheers!

Take your chance to meet 400+ journalists

What’s the difference between new and news? Public awareness. At Bits & Pretzels you can give the media and the public a chance to become aware of your ideas. In 2016 hundreds of national and international journalists will cover the conference hunting for an exciting story. So how about you start telling your story!

The pitch stage introduces you to plenty ideas in a short amount of time

Time is a precious thing – but so are groundbreaking ideas. We know you don’t always have the time to scan the web and the media for emerging digital trends, technologies and startups. That’s why we organize the Bits & Pretzels pitch contest. All you have to do is sit down and listen up!

Join an expert-hosted table at the Oktoberfest

There’s this shy species everybody speaks about and only few catch a glimpse of: infuential executives. But once a year they gather at the Bits & Pretzels Oktoberfest tables. Lured by socialbility and lots of fresh talents. Choose one of the CEOs, editors-in-chief or investors as your Table Captain and enjoy their experience!

Academy: Start with an investment

Never stop with improvement. Enjoy masterclasses, specially designed for startups, with content that really matters.

It is a platform to reach out, connect and learn from the best. With a growing number of selected, high-quality lectures of experienced entrepreneurs and startup experts. Pay attention!

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