Dates: June 25 – July 2, 2017 | Register here
Eligibility: girls ages 15-17
Price: USD 1,500,-
Location: Toronto, Canada

G(irls)20 Bootcamp For Brains 2017

While advocating for change at a global level, G(irls)20 works at the community and individual level by making strategic investments in girls and women, aged 15-25 in 20+ countries so they can pursue opportunities at home and abroad.

In partnership with the private sector, social profit sector and individuals, the organisation provides skills building workshops (entrepreneurship, financial preparedness, communications, technology navigation, leadership, etc.); a global Summit; global mentorships; and, coaching so that each of our participants can launch their own program/initiative to empower others.

Bootcamp for brains

Bootcamp For Brains mission is to create strong female leaders by providing them with the foundational skills that are critical to successful leadership. In just one week, participants walk away from the camp with the skills they will need to unleash their potential.

Develop key skills

Bootcamp for Brains focuses on developing hard and soft skills that contribute to successful leadership by engaging the girls as active participants throughout.

Girls will walk away from our camp with a Bootcamp For Brains Certificate of Achievement and key takeaways including communications skills; financial management skills; digital skills; and an understanding of civic responsibility and global opportunities.

Build networks

Bootcamp For Brains aims to provide girls with skills as well as a network of professionals they can rely on for years to come.

Participants create meaningful connections with a diverse group of peers, professionals and advocates from across Canada. Bootcampers gain exposure, cultivate their networking skills, and get interviews experience via mock interviews with professionals from various industries.

Peer engagement

One of the most powerful tools a girl can have in her repertoire is the support of her peers. To ensure bootcampers understand how to develop positive working relationships, participants will be placed in teams for a group challenge, where they all put their new skills to work.

By presenting their work to their peers and a panel of outside judges, participants left Bootcamp For Brains knowing they have support from girls across Canada.

Physical & mental health

We all need a healthy body to have a healthy mind. Bootcamp For Brains has a daily component focused on physical and mental health. Professional join to work with participants to set goals and keep stress at bay by following a tailored fitness program.

Each day of Bootcamp For Brains will relate to specific theme. The programming is designed to engage the girls as active participants, and will be delivered through a variety of daily activities and sessions. Girls will have the opportunity to practice their leadership skills in real life situations, such as leading a Q&A with a keynote speaker to attending the networking events and everything in between!

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