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Bread & Butter 2016

Bread & Butter is a 2-day conference and bootcamp for emerging and scaling food and drink brands, bringing together 1000 food founders and innovators, investors, media and industry leaders.

Bread & Butter came about through the shared vision of two food founders, passionate about shaking up the way the food and drink industry works.

Every year, 16,000 food and drink brands emerge into the UK market and yet, 90% of them don’t make it past their first year of trading.

Bread & Butter is a celebration of the food and drink industry’s entrepreneurial spirit. There are many reasons for a food business to cease trading but the absence of opportunity, information and industry support should no longer one of them.

You can expect a ground-breaking programme of panel discussions, inspirational keynotes, hands-on workshops and mentoring sessions focused on accelerating independent food and drink brands with bold aspirations. If you’re an ambitious food brand, this is an event not to be missed.

Access over 50 hours of trade secrets and industry insights from more than 90 leading food and drink icons this November at the Institute of Directors. Join the discussion in one of four workshop and talk rooms and get involved in our activity zones.

Workshops & talks

Join the workshop rooms and lecture halls to hear from leading industry icons delivering inspirational keynotes, industry commentaries and fast-paced panel discussions on this year’s hottest food and drink entrepreneurial topics.

Leaders’ lectures

Hear from highly esteemed industry icons, serial entrepreneurs and the hottest trend spotters in this lecture theatre reserved for high profile speakers.

Join a series of talks that cover anything from mastering niche marketing to being a challenger brand and making your first million.

Running for 30 minutes with a precious 10 minutes for follow-up questions, these lectures are predicted to be the highlight of the Festival.

Shoptalk: All access

Take part in animated, industry-focused panel discussions uncovering the trade secrets of successful food and drink businesses.

Hear from the favourite industry icons debate best-practice ideologies, how to create disruptive models that work and what you can do to stand out in a sector where everyone seems to have an opinion that counts.

Startup studios

From PR to packaging to finance, take part in our interactive startup masterclasses and get tangible hints and tips to help you get your food business off the ground.

These sessions are ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs, producers in their first 0-18 months of trading and startups.

Each session comes with a bespoke worksheet to make sure you leave with all the knowledge you need to start putting things into action.

Growth labs

If you’re a food or drink entrepreneur with a few years in the game, these skill building sessions explore scaling to the next level and focus on tackling in-depth industry issues faced by more mature food businesses.

Topics such as managing successful exits, how to export and seeking VC investment will be covered. These sessions are ideal for trading food businesses with a turnover in excess of £100,00 per annum.

Activity zones

Explore the activity zones and get instant feedback on your product, network with fellow food founders, chat to industry experts and get inspired by an all-day schedule of creative break-out sessions.

Don’t forget to browse through the expertly curated selection of exhibitors, chosen for their food industry expertise and services.

The marketplace

Meet 24 hand-picked exhibitors from the food and drink industry who are passionate about supporting independent brands. Make your way through the avenues and alleyways of the Marketplace, discovering new ways to run your business on every corner.

Whether you’re a startup or running something more established, take a look at these specially curated exhibitors who’ll be able to show you something new.

The tasting table

Get instant feedback on how to get your product flying off the shelf from industry leaders including retail buyers, press, chefs and product developers.

Whether it’s taste, aesthetic or price point, hear what the experts think about propelling your product into the hands of the masses.

The advice bar

Have your burning business questions answered by an incredible range of industry experts in our quick-fire question advice bar?

Pull up a seat and engage with up to 12 industry experts who will share their knowledge about how best to solve your food business issues and make the most of your budget.

From branding and packaging to labelling and nutritional claims, we’ve got a great mix of industry brainwaves to help you.

The drawing room

Time to get your hands dirty in the Drawing Room, a unique area where you can let your creative imagination loose. The impact of different textures, tastes, sights and smells on how your brand stands out will be explored.

Get creative with some of the favourite designers and check out the Branding Table, where some of the most cutting-edge examples of packaging design and innovation will be showcased.

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