Deadline: April 30, 2017 | Apply here
Eligibility: entrepreneurs between 20 – 35 years old, having a social organization in the start-up phase (0-3 years old) or having an idea for a social start-up
Location: London, The United Kingdom

Collective Global Accelerator 2017

The Collective Global Accelerator (CGA) is the flagship programme serving entrepreneurs and innovators from all over the world. At CGA, you’ll get the mindset, tools, and network to help you scale your social enterprise and become an extraordinary entrepreneur.

If you’re looking to make a difference for people in need, the accelerator can help you do just that.

ARE YOU READY TO change the world?

The Collective Global Accelerator is a 4-week immersive, residential experience at our co-living community The Collective Old Oak, in London. CGA 2017 brings together 10 dreamers and inspired solvers with unique skill sets, experiences, and passions, and empowers them to scale the impact of their social start-up on the world. Specifically, CGA exists to help social startups (not-for-profit and for-profit) that create opportunities for people in need in communities all over the world.

  • If you attend CGA, you’ll have an extraordinary opportunity to learn how to become a better entrepreneur;
  • be part of a community of people who share your commitment to do good; grow into a global innovator;
  • get access to the network of world-class experts and thought leaders, and have the opportunity to raise the funds you need to scale your venture.

Speakers and Workshops

Learn from experts, industry leaders and thought leaders in London about business development, design thinking, fundraising, marketing, sales, community management, measuring impact and much more. Weekly workshops and speakers will give you the tools to become a better entrepreneur.


Get matched with a personal mentor, with whom you will set your personal goals and aspirations. Together, you will create a strategy how to achieve your dreams. Even after CGA, your mentor will coach you for at least 1 year after the programme ends, to give you feedback and check in with you.


The Collective Old Oak is a co-living community in London. Be part of the community for 4 weeks and enjoy all it has to offer – creative and ambitious people, inspiring spaces and a place where you will work together with other participants to truly make a difference.

The Collective Foundation sponsors all participants’ stay during the programme.


Get access to the world-class network of The Collective. GCA will help you get the right connections you need to propel your social start-up forwards.

Investor Pitch event

The 4-week journey concludes with a fundraising event, which will be attended by a small group of impact investors. After the training, you will be more than ready to pitch your business in front of people who are rooting for you and have the means to help you scale your impact.

Who should apply?

GCA looks for the best and brightest social entrepreneurs from all over the world. You are the ideal candidate if:

  • You have a social start-up
    GCA prefers candidates who have a social organization in the start-up phase (0-3 years old). Your start-up can be either for-profit or not-for-profit. If you only have an idea for a social start-up, you can also participate in the CGA. It would then help if you can prove you already have a successful entrepreneurial track record.
  • You create opportunities for people in your community
    Your start-up makes a difference in your community, and empowers people to be part of your solution. You create opportunities for people who need it, for example by creating jobs, providing education and training, or helping people improve their health. GCA is open to hear about any ideas that create opportunities for others.
  • You are a passionate entrepreneur
    You are someone who loves to create new things, who looks for solutions to problems head-on, and who gets energy from doing things that matter. Changemakers, innovators, entrepreneurs – working on your own business or within an organization, GCA is looking for you!
  • You are between 20 – 35 years old and from anywhere in the world
    Ideally, you are in a phase of your life in which you are able to pursue your start-up full-time (no school commitments). You also fit well with our community at The Old Oak, which mainly consists of young professionals. This is why ideal candidates are 20 years and older; and 35 years and younger. However, exceptions are possible and we encourage you to apply should you believe you are a good fit.

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