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Location: Cleveland, the United States

Content Marketing World Conference 2016

Content Marketing World Conference 2016 is the one event where you can learn and network with the best and the brightest in the content marketing industry.

You will leave with all the materials you need to take a content marketing strategy back to your team – and – to implement a content marketing plan that will grow your business and inspire your audience.

With over 150 sessions from over 100 speakers, Content Marketing World Conference 2016 will have something for everyone, including workshops.

  • 4000+ Attendees expected
  • 225 Speakers, including directors and other content marketing leaders
  • 550+ Companies expected from all industries
  • 123+ Hours: keynotes, sessions, networking & entertainment!

They want to inspire you to do your own epic content marketing and network with some of the brightest in the business.

Who you will see:

Over 80 sessions and workshops presented by the leading brand marketers from around the world covering strategy, integration, measurement, and more new ideas than you can shake an orange stick at.

What to expect:

In 2015, 3,500 marketers from 55 countries joined Content Marketing World Conference 2016 – in 2016 even more is expected.

More brands, more breakouts, more hands-on labs, more networking (yes, it’s possible!) and more CONTENT!

How do you know if a conference was worth it?

If you come back from the event …

  • With nothing but a bag full of cheesy swag – not worth it
  • Overflowing with practical ideas you can’t wait to share with your boss, colleagues, and staff – worth it
  • Mostly preoccupied with your jet lag and how long it’s going to take you to catch up on email – not worth it
  • With a draft plan for changes that will make a big difference for your business (and probably get you promoted) – worth it.
  • More confused than when you left – not worth it
  • Feeling like you’ve just cracked the code – worth it

What to expect from Content Marketing World Conference 2016?

Content Marketing World is the conference for the marketing/PR professional who develops the strategy or handles the execution of content marketing initiatives.

This is the person that, in some way, develops or curates valuable, relevant and compelling content through one or multiple channels to attract and retain customers.

If content marketing is in any way part of what you do, you will come away from Content Marketing World 2016 excited, inspired, and ready for action.

No matter what role you play – from CEO to content creator and everyone between – this is the place to learn from the people who are not only succeeding at content marketing today but can tell you how things will evolve tomorrow.

Here’s a sampling of what you can learn in just a few short days:

  • How to level the playing field through the strategic use of content marketing
  • How to set your organisation up for content marketing success
  • How to answer the “quantity vs. quality” question for your organisation
  • How to dominate search with content
  • How to accurately measure the value of your content
  • How to trouble shoot an ineffective content marketing strategy
  • … and so much more!

Who should attend Content Marketing World Conference 2016?

People who are serious about using content to build business

No matter where you are on your content marketing journey – just starting out, in the thick of things and looking to optimise and maximise, or well-traveled and in need of new ideas – Content Marketing World 2015 has a four-year track record of over-delivering on value.

The attendees always walk away with smart strategies, actionable tactics, eye-opening inspiration, and real connections with the people who are shaping the future of content marketing.

Marketing & PR Professionals will:

  • Be better equipped to design and execute successful content marketing strategies for their clients
  • Increase their overall value
  • Have the chance to interact directly with many of the industry’s most creative and influential people

Company leaders and managers will:

  • Have a better understanding of how to budget and hire for content marketing success
  • Gain “Big Picture” perspective that will help them make the right decisions as they guide their departments and organizations forward
  • Hear first-hand accounts of how some of today’s leading B2B, B2C, and non-profit brands are using content to create market advantage

Content managers and creators will:

  • Hear exclusive, real-life stories that translate generalizations like “tell stories” into clear, actionable takeaways
  • Learn exactly what makes the difference between “good” and “great” content
  • Get proven advice on everything from how to generate crowd-sourced content to how to find their blogging sweet spot to how to scale a content marketing effort and how to manage all the ins and outs of content publishing and promotion on social channels

The event is structured so that B2B companies, consumer-driven companies, non-profits/Associations and small businesses all get their own specialized sessions.

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