Dates: August 28-29, 2019 | Register here
Prices: starting from USD 1,595,-
Location: Singapore

ContentAsia Summit 2019

The ContentAsia Summit launched in 2009 as a one-day focus on all the issues impacting Asia’s content industry.

The event expanded to three days in 2014 but the mission is the same: to create a dedicated space to talk face-to-face about the content ecosystem and the innovation and strategies driving entertainment companies in an increasingly connected universe.

The goal, as usual, is to showcase content as the value creator it is, and to present a unique, independent agenda firmly grounded in ContentAsia’s day-to-day interaction through the year with the industry on the ground in Asia and with global companies operating growing content businesses in the region.

The ContentAsia Summit is organised by ContentAsia, an Asia-based information resource that covers content creation, funding, financing, licensing, distribution, design and branding, and technology across the Asia region.

Content players in Asia are marking their spots in a radically changing universe. This year’s ContentAsia Summit is all about the humongous, super-charged effort to tell a whole new story.

Key themes from the ContentAsia Summit

  • Production reimagined: who/what is driving the next generation of creative, development, funding and production relationships
  • Formats: ContentAsia’s deep dive into trends, influences, and what’s really happening on the ground in Asia
  • Power shifts: Telcos role in evolving content
  • Consumer brands & video: alliances reshaping the content universe
  • Gen N – The Newcomers: Life after linear and the emerging ecosystem that could be giving next-generation brands their big breaks in Asia.
  • Beyond video: The rising clout of location-based entertainment and licensing and what it all means for entertainment brands in Asia
  • Talent: Diversity redefined in talent development & management
  • The bright side: The tech that’s promising to solve the choke points in programming rights distribution, why blockchain is (or isn’t) the answer right now (or ever), and how the challenges between now and the future are being taken on.

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