Dates: August 16-17, 2017 | Register here
Prices: starting from USD 499,-
Location: San Francisco, The United States

Culture Summit 2017

The Premiere Conference on Building Company Culture

Culture Summit is a cross-functional and cross-industry conference that brings together founders, thought leaders, and culture champions to share actionable culture solutions for companies from startup to scale.

The speakers and workshops empower you with the data, strategies, and practices that drive actual results. If you are tired of hearing about perks and want to learn how to build strategic initiatives and programs that get results, this is the place for you.

Change Comes From Within

Culture Summit believes in empowering employees to build the culture they want to work in with a little something called T.L.C.

  • Tools: What you won’t hear at Culture Summit are fluffy motivational talks. Instead, the speakers are coached to provide you with actionable tools that you can immediately take back to your company and implement.
  • Learnings: In addition to tools, Culture Summit wants to make sure you walk away with tactical strategies and insights to feel confident and excel in your roles as culture champions.
  • Community: Lastly, the importance of finding your tribe and connecting with others to help you in your journey. Culture Summit is launching several initiatives to give you that sense of belonging before, during, and especially after the event.

At Culture Summit, You Will:

  • Connect with hundreds of other culture champions. This is your tribe.
  • Hear inspiring stories and gain new insights and fresh ideas to help your company build and scale its culture.
  • Learn culture development strategies used by some of the world’s most innovative companies.
  • Discover the latest trends, techniques, and tools to help you build thriving cultures.
  • Connect with hundreds of like-minded culture champions to brainstorm new ways of improving the employee experience.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how to increase employee engagement, optimize talent, and build high performing teams.
  • Walk away with tactical, strategic insight for building company culture and much more.

A Conference Made Just For You (With Love)

You’re here because you care about the culture of your workplace. When you attend Culture Summit, not only do you get ideas, resources, and tools for culture transformation, you become a part of our global community. The goal is to help you create a great workplace experience, navigate your team through change, and become recognized as a leader in your company.

Culture isn’t just an HR strategy anymore; it’s an everyone strategy

Culture Summit Workshops

Take your culture transformation strategy to the next level. Sit down with culture building experts in intimate, hands-on sessions where you’ll learn a variety of actionable strategies and tactics.

Each workshop is half a day with a three-hour morning session and three hour afternoon session. This means you can attend two out of the four workshops offered.

  • Workshop 1: How to Get Leadership Buy-in – A Design Thinking Approach
  • Workshop 2: A Neurobiological Approach to Building a Culture of Inclusion
  • Workshop 3: The Secret to Scaling Great Culture – Focus on Principles and Not Rules
  • Workshop 4: Culture Mapping: A Systematic & Intentional Tool For Designing Great Company Culture

At all of the workshops you will walk away with:

  1. Insights from experts in the field with a focus on actionable insights
  2. Tools you can take back to work to help you execute your strategy
  3. A group of peers who are facing similar challenges to you and can support you after the workshop

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