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Cyber Threat Summit 2017

Now in its seventh year, Cyber Threat Summit will have a very European focus. The largest event of it’s kind, it will attract cyber security experts from all over Europe to discuss all aspects of cyber security including issues such as GDPR, the NIS Directive and of course BREXIT.

2017 will see the introduction of a Cyber Startup Zone giving innovators a chance to shine and network with potential investors.
Women in Cyber, the Safety of Children, the Cyber Skills Gap and Ireland’s opportunity with Cyber are among the topics being debated.

Conference Tracks

  • Strategic: Members will enjoy thought leadership and insights from the world’s leading cyber security experts. Panel discussions and interactive debates will also add to the value and energy of these sessions
  • Operational: Experienced experts will share their knowledge and best practices on dealling with all topics from implementing management frameworks to developing incident response capability.
  • Technical: This track will host innovate technical demonstrations from vendors including live hacks, outlining preventative, detective and corrective controls.


The Cyber Threat Summit will cover all aspects of Cyber Security. With three distinct streams taking place concurrently throughout the day you can expect to find world renowned cyber security experts and business leaders discussing Strategic, Operational and Technical topics.

  • GDPR – The Game Changer
  • Cyber Insurance – A Viable Option?
  • Cyber Incident Response
  • Cyber Skills Gap
  • Cyber Intelligence – Using Machine Learning to Detect
  • NIS Directive – Are You In or Out of Scope?
  • Insider Threat – Hack The Human
  • Perception is Reality – Fake News and Using Effective PR as a Weapon
  • Physical Security is the Cousin of Cyber
  • The Art of Cyber Resilience
  • Cyber Threat Is A Board Imperative
  • Are You Developing Securely?
  • Outsourced Serviced Provider Takes Security and Privacy Seriously
  • It All Starts With Captain CISO
  • Is Your Data on The Dark Web?
  • Security and the Vendor Supply Chain

Strategic Debates

Miriam O’Callaghan will chair several strategic cyber debates in the Mahony Hall to over 1,000 delegates with all the acumen broadcast to over 100 countries around the world. These debates will discuss the hottest topics related to cyber security with expert panellists, showcasing their expertise in each subject matter. Some of the topics include.

  • Fake News The Cyber Security Risks including contributions from Mark Little founder of Storyful.
  • Is Ireland Ready For The EU Cyber Legislation?
  • What Does “Cyber BREXIT” Mean?
  • The Cyber Skills Gap.
  • Evolving Ireland’s Cyber Security Ecosystem.
  • The Trump Factor And Cyber – Should We Be Concerned?
  • Cyber Security In The Cloud.
  • The Cyber Safety of Children including contributions from Grainia Long CEO of ISPCC.

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