Dates: March 19-22, 2017 | Request an invitation here
Prices: starting from USD 1,699,-
Location: Sun Valley, The United States

Dent Conference 2017

To “put a dent in the universe” is to do something that has a great impact, but that is also meaningful. Not just getting rich. Changing the world.

Central to the idea behind Dent is that there’s no genetic lottery to win. Great leadership comes from all walks of life and is accessible to anyone who is sufficiently motivated.

Dent has grown into a community and an experience. An annual retreat where people connect and learn from each other, and become better equipped to succeed at their own effort.

Let’s help give the power to more people. Let’s put a dent in the universe.

A full four-day experience

Dent will be returning to the beautiful Sun Valley Resort in Idaho, March 2017. The event holds two optional ski and activity days on either side of two days of sessions and content.

The dine around

On Monday night, Denters are split into groups of around 25 people each and taken to hosted dinners at various restaurants (such as The Sawtooth Club, Enoteca, Globus, and Il Naso) in Ketchum, the small town right next to the Sun Valley Resort.

These dinners are always a highlight of the conference; they are one of the many opportunities to build meaningful relationships outside the usual conference setting with other motivated, talented leaders.

Six major starting points

The exploration will begin from six thematic starting points, each designed to raise questions and provide replicable answers about the “how” of denting the universe from the leaders on stage.

  • Vision

Vision is the essential first step in making a difference. It’s no coincidence that most of the leaders who have made a difference have been labeled as “visionaries.” Practical foresight is a synthesis of intuition, extrapolation, and pattern recognition. True visionaries are credited with being able to see accurately where markets, technologies and trends are headed, and importantly — in what timeframe.

  • People

Steve Jobs said that the key to his success was that he had been able to recognize and recruit superior talent. Nothing of consequence has been accomplished without the right People. How do you find and work with the most productive teammates? How do you motivate them?

  • Design

As Fast Company has written, “Great design is a prerequisite for turning consumers into customers.” And great innovators know Design goes way beyond simply making things pretty. As Sir Peter Dyson says, design at its essence is “problem-solving.” A central thread running throughout Dent will be how engineering and artistry synthesize into winning products and services.

  • Process

Success requires Process. The details matter. Discipline allows an organization to consistently outperform its competition.

  • Focus

Da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” A common thread running through the great ventures of our time is how leaders drove them with a single-minded Focus on what really mattered.

  • Alchemy

Alchemy is what makes a venture more than just the sum of its parts. It’s that elusive “something extra” that acts as an accelerant and enhancement to the overall mix of attributes. As the Hope Diamond is more than a lump of coal affected by heat and pressure, an organization and what it creates are more than just an assembly of productive components. Aspects of charismatic leadership, cultural bonds, or other pervasive insights/intuitions fit here.

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