Deadline: February 7, 2020 00:00 CET| Apply here
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Entry fee: starting from GBP 179,-
Eligibility: The judges will be looking for companies or campaigns that can clearly demonstrate transparent success over the past 12 months. They’re are seeking companies or campaigns that have seized challenges and created opportunities.

Digiday Media Awards Europe 2020

The Digiday Media Awards Europe recognize the companies, campaigns and technology modernizing European media. These awards have honoured leading work from brands, agencies, publishers and tech providers such as The Guardian, JOE, Sky News, Permutive and more.


  • Best branded content program: (B2B or B2C) awarding the most outstanding branded content program created by a publisher
  • Best single article: Awarding the best single editorial article
  • Best series: Awarding the best editorial series
  • Best custom advertising: Awarding non-standard advertising options that best serve a combination of user experience and commercial goals
  • Best live event: Awarding the best execution of a live event that served as an extension of the publisher’s brand
  • Best use of video: Awarding the video (single or series) that most successfully delivered on a stated objective
  • Best podcast: Awarding a podcast that has most successfully met set goals on behalf of an editorial brand
  • Most original use of social: Awarding a social media strategy that has most successfully achieved campaign goals on behalf of a publisher
  • Best social good campaign: Awarding a campaign or initiative that has successfully brought about a measure of social change
  • Best paid subscription/membership product: Awarding a paid subscription/membership product that has successfully increased revenue and/or enhanced audience engagement
  • Best new vertical or brand: Awarding a new brand that has best-displayed excellence through unwavering editorial quality and impressive growth over time
  • Best use of audience data: Awarding a strategy that has successfully deployed audience data to grow set kpis
  • Best user experience: Awarding a publishing property that is successful in delivering the best overall user experience through impressive speed and functionality
  • Digital product of the year: Awarding a product that has successfully achieved company objectives on a digital platform
  • Best use of technology: Awarding the most successful use of technology for the enhancement of user experience or content distribution
  • Best adtech platform: Awarding the ad tech platform that has most successfully helped publishers meet set goals
  • Best video platform: Awarding the video platform that has most successfully helped publishers meet set goals
  • Best publisher platform: Awarding a technology that is most successful in helping publishers meet set goals
  • Video team of the year: Awarding the video team that has produced the highest quality video and visual journalism
  • Editorial team of the year: Honoring the editorial team that has delivered the highest quality reporting in pursuit of their editorial mission
  • Branded content team of the year: Honoring a publisher’s in-house studio who has consistently produced high-performing campaigns for its clients
  • Partnership of the year: Awarding a partnership that has been most effective in achieving stated objectives
  • Media brand of the year: Awarding the media brand that has been most strategic, knowledgeable and effective in achieving their goals
  • Publisher of the year: Honoring a publisher that best displays original thinking, creativity and overall excellence in its approach to publishing and media.

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