Deadline: October 14, 2018 00:00 (CEST)| Apply here
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Eligibility: EdTech 2018 is open to entrepreneurs, startups, R&Ds, university students, and companies from around the world.

EdTech Innovation Start-up Contest 2018

Krypto Labs has set a global challenge to cast light on the importance of technology in the context of education with a focus on leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence to positively impact existing educational ecosystems.

Who should apply?

EdTech 2018 is open to entrepreneurs, startups, R&Ds, university students, and companies from around the world.

Applicants should offer an innovative, inventive, or disruptive product/service, which is original and has scalable commercial applications.

EdTech is interested in applications across different spheres including K-12, High-Ed, Vocational, Lifelong Learning, among others. Applications should impact direct or indirect learners.


EdTech 2018 Entrepreneur Hero (winner of the contest) will receive US$150,000. EdTech 2018 category star (winner of each of the 6 categories) will each receive US$20,000.

All 6 semifinalist will receive an opportunity to grow their business networks through Krypto Labs, increased visibility for their business and a round-trip flight for up to 2 team members from home country to Abu Dhabi.


  • Curriculum Applications
  • Universal Access to Classrooms
  • Data Applications
  • Lifelong Learning Applications
  • Supplemental Applications
  • Behavioural Analytics Applications

Application criteria

The project must be centred around education technology and must leverage the technology to meet the following:

  • It must be categorised as part of the EdTech industry
  • It must have Artificial Intelligence on the forefront or as part of the application
  • Fall within on elf the listed categories
  • It should impact learning or enable better management of the education process
  • It can disrupt or supplement current education settings or ecosystems
  • It must be for-profit
  • It must have commercial applications
  • It must be inventive, innovative or disruptive
  • The business proposal must be original work and applicants must hold all applicable rights
  • It must be submitted in English
  • A team of up to three people, or the individual representing the idea or start-up, must be available to pitch the project in person on December 12, 2018 at Krypto Labs Abu Dhabi.

To enter, team-based start-ups, projects, or companies must select one person to submit the application and to serve as the team’s representative throughout the competition.

Interested in applying for the EdTech Innovation Start-up Contest 2018? Register your participation by following the application link and taking the suggested steps.

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