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Location: London, The United Kingdom

Enterprise Digital Summit 2016

Distributing digital throughout the enterprise

The Enterprise Digital Summit / London is a one-day conference at the British Academy in the centre of London discussing the latest insights and lessons learned from the digital transformation of the organisation.

This year’s edition of Enterprise Digital Summit / London is all about the enablement and distribution of the digital DNA & mindset throughout the enterprise.

The one-day conference discusses insights & practices on the adoption and transformation of companies towards a new digital mind shift for management and business organisation.

Digital technologies have been notable for changing the world of sales, marketing, and support but actually, they are relevant in all areas of the business.Following the key theme “Distributing Digital throughout the Enterprise” the Enterprise Digital SUMMIT / London discusses the challenges on how to get digital thinking embedded across all levels of the organisation.

Following the key theme “Distributing Digital throughout the Enterprise” the Enterprise Digital SUMMIT / London discusses the challenges on how to get digital thinking embedded across all levels of the organisation.

Key topics

  • Success factors for social workplace adoption
  • Key drivers for leveraging social value generation & business transformation
  • Best practices for enhancing business performance and employee engagement
  • Visions for future work & process organisation

Addressed audience

  • Social Business & Enterprise 2.0 Management
  • Internal Community Management
  • Internal Communications
  • Intranet Management
  • Knowledge Manager
  • HR & Organizational Development
  • Information & IT Management
  • Collaboration Management

Thought leadership

The Enterprise Digital Summit discusses key trends and future challenges for the digital enterprise, its organisation and business model innovation for the digital age.

Practical expertise

At the Enterprise Digital Summit first-hand insights and experiences from the practical world are key. In a special track, project leads are talking about their lessons-learned.

Community gathering

The Enterprise Digital Summit is the annual gathering of the European Digital Transformation, Enterprise 2.0, Social Collaboration and Future of Work community. Be part of it!

Pre-conference workshop:

Digital disruption – Building blocks

Although Digital technologies have been around for some time, and the “Digital Transformation” has been promised for many years, they are now getting to the point where their full disruptive impact is becoming very noticeable.

For the first time, the 5 most valuable companies in the world are all US digital technology companies.

This workshop aims to give attendees the ability to understand the forces driving the transformation and their disruptive effects, the tools and techniques being applied, as well as where, how and why they are being applied.

The workshop also takes attendees through a way of analysing how their own enterprises can benefit from the transformation, and also understanding in turn how they could be disrupted and what they can do about it.

Key Learnings

  • Understanding of tools, techniques and trends that drive transformation and disruption;
  • Evaluation of diagnostic toolset to analyse and assess the value potential of the digital transformation of the own organisation;
  • Application of diagnostic and strategic planning approaches in a real life case study;
  • Understanding of success factors & key roadblocks for the digital transformation.

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