There are a few factors behind one’s motivation to act. Having the faith that one’s effort will lead to performance and performance will lead to reward, entrepreneurs become drivers of societies, economies, and innovation. Nevertheless, when the reward becomes equal for everyone, irrespective of the motivation behind the act or effort invested, entrepreneurs’ inner drive is threatened and so are progress and innovation.

Seen from a different angle, inequality is a threat to societies in terms of development, opportunities, or access to resources. Inequality affects the poor, power is disproportionately distributed, corruption flourishes, and societies suffer. When it comes to inequality, opinions are bipolar and highly controversial.

European Forum Alpbach 2015 will gather more than 700 students of different backgrounds from all over Europe, together with more than 3000 professionals from law, politics, business, economics and more to discuss and debate on the topic of inequality. During August-September, the most beautiful village of Austria will host a week of seminars and two weeks of conferences revolving around resolving the problem of inequality. The participants are invited to share their opinions, solutions, or ideas, to meet and connect with other people from across the continent, agree or disagree, and develop ideas for a stronger Europe.

The events of European Forum Alpbach:

  • Cultural programme (InEquality) (15th of August – 4th of September)
  • Seminar week (19-25th of Aug) –The seminar week consists of 16 different workshops available for participants.
  • Tyrol day (22-23rd of Aug)
  • Health Symposium (23-25th of Aug)
  • Legal Symposium (26-27th of Aug)
  • Higher education symposium (26-27th of Aug)
  • Technology Symposium (27-29th of Aug)
  • Simulation game on decision making in the EU (28-30th of Aug)
  • Political symposium (30-1st of Sept)
  • Economic Symposium (1-3rd of Sep)
  • Build environment symposium (3-4th of Sept)
  • Financial market symposium (3-4th of Sept)

The core agenda of the forum will consist of informal evening talks, trips, social evenings, artistic exhibitions, concerts, parties, and numerous networking events.

Opportunity summary

European Forum Alpbach 2015
Application deadline: March 31, 2015
[Oops, the opportunity has already expired. Sign up to AlphaGamma weekly newsletters to stay ahead of the game]
Dates: August 19 – September 04, 2015
Venue: Alpbach, Austria
Fee: Entire Forum – EUR 1 200, Seminar Week only – EUR 700. Scholarships covering tuition fees or tuition fees + accommodation + meals are available.


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