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Eligibility: Student architects

Fentress Global Challenge 2019

Fentress Architects, based in Denver, Colorado, announces the 2018/2019 Fentress Global Challenge, an international design competition for young and student architects.

An airport of the future

As in years past, the theme, consistent with the firm’s expertise in airport design and aviation, is envisioning an airport of the future.

Participants are encouraged to re-envision the terminal building in the year 2075, using some of the world’s busiest international airports as a framework.

Some of the aspects students will have to take into consideration are local context, technological trends, project feasibility and passenger experience.

Why participate?

This is the seventh year that Fentress Architects has sponsored and administered the award, which brings a First Prize of US$10,000 in cash and includes the opportunity to accompany Curt Fentress to a prestigious architectural event where the winner(s) will receive the award.

Four additional winners will receive smaller cash awards. Curt Fentress, who founded this program to promote the advancement of innovative design in public architecture, said, “The Fentress Global Challenge is an incredible way for our firm to engage with students from all over the globe. It’s been inspiring to see and evaluate the ideas of the next generation of designers.”


The top prize includes US$10,000 cash and the opportunity to accompany Curt Fentress to a prestigious architectural event where you will receive your award.

Airfare, lodging, and entrance fee will be paid for by Fentress Architects not to exceed US$5,000.

Winners are responsible for obtaining necessary visas and paperwork. If entering as a group, the monetary prize and attendance at the architectural event will be distributed equally.

  • 1st place USD 15,000,-
  • 2nd place – USD 2,000,-
  • 3rd place – USD 1,000,-
  • 2 People’s choice awards – USD 1,000,-

About Fentress Architects

Fentress Architects creates inspired design to improve the human environment. Founded by Curtis W. Fentress in 1980, the firm has designed $43 billion of public architectural projects worldwide, visited by more than 550 million people each year.

Fentress is a dynamic learning organization, driven to grow its ability to design, innovate, and exceed client expectations. The firm has been honored with more than 500 distinctions for design excellence and innovation.

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