Deadline: January 28, 2022 12:00 CET| Register here
Eligibility: Only submissions that were published or launched on the market no longer than five years ago are eligible for the German Innovation Awards.
Application fee: EUR 495,-

German Innovation Awards 2022

The development of new approaches, processes or technologies – that is innovation. But above all, innovations deliver significant added value to their users: they lead to more competitiveness and ability to act, create economic growth, but at the same time have the task of promoting sustainable developments by saving resources – also and especially in times of crisis. The German Innovation Awards honour the best of these innovative achievements.

Gimmick or revolution?

Take the opportunity to present your innovations across all sectors. After all, innovation must be seen and work in practice to be successful: The first programmable robots and motors were developed as early as the first century A.D. by the Greek-Egyptian mathematician and engineer Hero of Alexandria: Innovative achievement in its purest form and almost two millennia ahead of their time – and yet only gimmicks for his contemporaries.

Today, our challenges lie in the digital transformation, the development of the future of our mobility and how we live and work. Sustainability and material innovation, medicine and health, but also data-driven business models need new approaches and solutions.

Do you already have the needs of your customers of tomorrow in mind today? Do you have the partners to turn your visions into added value for everyone? The next paradigm shift may already be within reach.

Why apply?

The German Innovation Awards are aimed at all those who contribute to a better future with their innovative strength – and who want to present their developments to the public and position them successfully on the market.

This does not always have to be an engineering or technical achievement; services can also generate added value. With 680 participants from 26 countries, the awards received an overwhelming response in 2020 awards year which showed that successful innovation provides an ideal opportunity for communication and networking.

If you receive an award, your outstanding achievement will become more widely known, and this in turn will enhance your market positioning. So why not take advantage of this competitive advantage for your communication and in so doing raise your profile as an innovative player of the future.

Interested in applying for the German Innovation Awards 2022? Register your participation by following the registration link and taking the suggested steps.

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