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Global DIY Summit 2018

The Global DIY Summit is the world’s leading event for retailers and manufacturers from the home improvement and garden centre industry.

It is a unique opportunity to exchange views on current and future developments within the global market with the industry’s leading players.

The Summit is being jointly hosted by the two leading European DIY professional organisations, EDRA (European DIY-Retail Association) and fediyma (European Federation of DIY Manufacturers), and the first global representation of interest of DIY trade, ghin (Global Home Improvement Network).

DIY Next – Reinventing our Industry

The main congress theme is DIY Next – Reinventing our Industry. The difficulty for the industry’s leaders is that they cannot afford to focus on just one aspect of disruption. Manufacturers and retailers have to navigate three revolutions at once: a geographic, a demographic and a technological.

The expectation of the arrival, by 2030, of a billion new consumers in China and 500 million in India, the change in the consumer behavior due to the rise of the Millennial consumers group, and the global penetration of mobile phones are the main factors of global volatility and will remain the main concerns for many market leaders. With social, economic, technological and environmental change continuing and accelerating companies will need to be agile to survive.

The view that the best way to survive disruption is to lead it is increasingly being accepted by many established manufacturers and retailers. There is a balance to be struck, but many companies are changing their strategies, structures, and business models.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to embrace disruption and reshape the future of your business.

Main topics

What’s next in the world of home improvement?

The world has drastically changed in the past years! How does the future of home improvement look like?

  • Global Economic and Political Overview

The World Bank forecasts a fragile recovery of the global economy, as it expects that growth will strengthen to 2,7 percent in 2017. However, prospects remain clouded by elevated policy uncertainties, including election outcomes, the direction of Brexit negotiations, and financial sector fragilities.

Policy changes in the United States, the single largest destination of Euro Area exports, also remain a source of uncertainty. A renowned global consultancy will present a comprehensive overview of the key facts of the actual global political and economic scene.

  • Challenges for a New Kind of Cooperation – Facing the Future Together

Many manufacturers and retailers are facing the future, and trying to shape it, rather than denying it, but is the industry doing enough? Do the boardrooms understand the urgency and the scale of the demographic changes that are already remaking the industry?

Manufacturers and retailers are closely working together to develop a new ways to generate growth within the market. Get inspired by the industry’s leaders and discover a new era on how to develop a new business model of cooperation.

  • The DIY Next Generation – Disrupting our Industry

Many of the major players have decided that the best way to compete with start-ups is to invest in their own. Many of the big global companies are looking to disrupt themselves and have set up venture arms to help them think and operate differently.

Even large, global companies can disrupt markets if they are agile, build the right networks and dare to innovate. You don’t have to be a startup to think like one.

  • Market Update – Latest Industry Figures

Driven by the changing consumers and purchases channels, organizations in the DIY industry are investing in exploring their customer journeys. During this session we show customer journey analytics which can help you to take decisions based on the changing orientation of the consumer.

As a second topic, we will also present an update on what Brexit means for international retailers in the home improvement sector and for organizations that supply the UK retail industry with both goods and services. [Read more]

  • Home Improvement around the World

Our congress brings together top DIY managers from over 50 countries worldwide. The development of our industry varies from country to country. You will be taken on a journey around the planet and shown the most successful strategies. Discover new trends and concepts that could become a benchmark and growth accelerator for your own business.

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