Deadline: December 6, 2018 00:00 CET | Apply here
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Eligibility: General Delegate: age between 16th– 30th years old;
Business Competition Delegate: age between 16th– 30th years old; Business Concept author can attend individually or in a team consisting of maximum 2 persons
Executive Delegate: age between 16th– 35th years old, having a business with minimum 1 year, giving impact for the society
Dates: January 27-29, 2019
Prices: starting from USD 250,-
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Global Entrepreneurship Youth Summit 2019

Global Entrepreneurship Youth Summit 2019 brings forth ecosystem influencers, startup communities and industry leaders from across the globe to collaborate and find new innovative approaches to solve real problems and chart the way for entrepreneurs.

The Summit aims to empower young entrepreneurs around the world with groundbreaking ideas and collaborations to solve cross-border challenges, uncover new possibilities and develop revolutionary ideas and solutions, catalyzing innovation.

Shaping the Future Of Entrepreneurs

This event designing the Future will be a convening ground for the change makers to participate in the 3 days program with theme Shaping the Future Of Entrepreneur that offers full of inspiring conference by renowned international speakers, exiting cultural exchange session and a comprehensive entrepreneurial discussion and entrepreneur skills that emphasizes on future entrepreneur qualities.


Global Entrepreneurship Youth Summit aims to:

  • Equip delegates with the required skills, knowledge, and experience to be good global leader who are aware the global entrepreneur
  • Prepare to be success future leaders in entrepreneurship
  • Provide the delegates the wealth of networking that allow them to collaborate in creating innovative, impactful, and meaningful knowledge


  • Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial mind-set refers to a specific state of mind which orientates human conduct towards entrepreneurial activities and outcomes. Individuals with entrepreneurial mind-sets are often drawn to opportunities, innovation and new value creation.

In this event, the all participant are gathered together, in hope to enhance their collaboration. These are hoped to enhance the knowledge of business and entrepreneurship skills.

  • Multicultural Understanding

Every future leader must have the provision and broad global insight to have a multi-cultural understanding. Of all activities related to learning culture, language, and technology is expected future leaders have a science of multicultural understanding

  • Global Mindset

The globalization of business continues to challenge our ability to operate effectively across countries and cultures, which is why a global mind-set is an essential professional trait.

Professionals with a global mind-set leverage all that they know about their culture and the cultures of other people to react to situations in the most productive ways. in this event the participants will get international experience to get benefit from taking time to refresh and train their brains to be more global.

  • Leadership

The leadership session is a program that correlates with the vision to develop and enhance the skills to prepare the future leaders.

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