Deadline: February 18, 2019 00:00 CET| Apply here
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Eligibility: If you have started working on your social business and are dedicated to making it succeed, then you fulfill the main criteria. You must be under 35 years old, comfortable speaking and communicating in English and have access to stable Internet connection. You must also be able to commit to at least 5 hours per week on exercises that will help you improve your business. Individuals from any country can apply for the program.

Yunus&Youth Global Fellowship Program for Social Entrepreneurs 2019

The Yunus&Youth 2018 Fellowship Program supported 34 amazing young people from 20 different nationalities working on innovative solutions on the SDGs.

In 2019, the momentum will continue with talented people like yourself becoming part of the incredible community!

Why apply?

  • One-On-One Mentorship
    The Fellows are matched with professional mentors, who are successful business professionals ready to lend their expertise to help Fellows maximize their businesses’ growth potential.
  • Online Learning Platform
    Fellows receive a 6-month course in social business development. The step-by-step curriculum ensures that by the end, they will be ready to pitch to potential investors.
  • A Global Network
    Being a Y&Y Fellow means having a support network of experts, business leaders, institutions and other like-minded social entrepreneurs around the world. If Fellows need a connection, they’ll make it happen!

How does the program work?

Step 1: The experts select bright individuals with innovative business ideas that tackle the world’s most pressing problems.

Y&Y Fellows are passionate young entrepreneurs running early-stage social businesses. They are visionaries, talented, eager, and proven drivers of change determined to fight major social issues.

Step 2: Once Fellows are selected, they are connected to experienced business experts that will support them on regular one-on-one mentoring sessions providing the support they need to start up, grow, become investment ready and create sustainable social impact.

Each stage of the curriculum takes Fellows through the next step of development. The sustainable and wide-scale approach involves sets of activities based on lean start-up principles, allowing Fellows to execute a unique and valuable strategic position.

Step 3: The Fellows immerse in a social business training ground where they receive all the resources they need to develop a strong business plan.

Entrepreneurs have access to a wide-scale online platform involving sets of activities based on lean startup principles, each stage of the curriculum takes Fellows through the next step of development.

Step 4: The Fellowship Program ends with a Virtual Pitch Competition.

Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to work on developing their pitch decks and present them to real-life social impact investors during an online competition.

Interested in applying for the Global Fellowship Program for Social Entrepreneurs 2019? Register your participation by following the registration link and taking the suggested steps.

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