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GW October Conference 2018

After the great recession of 2008, the American economy and by extension much of the world was mired in economic uncertainty.

The engine of economic growth, the small business sector, saw a contraction of more firm deaths than starts. This was not a good time for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

As a response of that situation, the International Council for Small Business (ICSB) proposed the GW October Conference in 2009, as an ecosystem where academia and government leaders can have serious discussions on what should be considered to promote constructive policies for supporting small businesses.

Also, the month of October is the official start of the fiscal year for the American Federal Government.

Discuss how small businesses should be supported

GW October convened on the campus of George Washington University with prominent academics, government leaders, and influential members of the business community to discuss how small businesses should be supported.

Along the way, international institutional partners like the World Bank, The International Finance Corporation (IFC), Korean Management Institute (KMI), and the US Small Business Administration (SBA), and governments around the world have provided speakers and resources to make this conference a must-attend if you are in Washington, DC in October.

Entrepreneurship and Economic Development: A Winning Combination

In 2018, the 9th annual GW October Conference titled, “Entrepreneurship and Economic Development: A Winning Combination”, hosted by ICSB in collaboration with SBA will provide entrepreneurs, small business, and advocates tutorials on how to put together an “SME Ecosystem”.

The normally two-day program has been expanded with a pre-conference workshop.

Five pillars of SME Ecosystem

For the first time at GW October, The US Small Business Administration will provide an all-day session on the five pillars that are necessary to support SMEs.

These pillars include tutorials on capital access programs, building a network of technical counselors and trainers, public funding for small business development through procurement, contingency planning, and how to create the right the regulatory environment to promote SMEs support.

Other topics on entrepreneurship policy and the role of the state will address the role that government policy plays in shaping the climate for small business starts and growth.

Access to capital financing is a cornerstone of every small business and leading financiers and financial institutions will share their views and process that should be considered when seeking access to capital. This is a good time to be in the company of SMEs.

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