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Eligibility: HATCH is looking for Seed or Pre-Seed startups with innovative and scalable solutions for relevant aquaculture problems. We require that you are at least a team of two, are willing to focus 100% on your venture and have an initial proof-of-concept. Additionally, we require you to move to our locations for at least the duration of the program.
Location: Kona, Hawaii; Singapore; Bergen, Norway

HATCH Startup Accelerator 2020

The world faces existential challenges over the coming century. HATCH believes sustainable aquaculture is part of the solution, therefore it invests in its technological development.

The industry benefits most from more efficient processes, a higher degree of transparency and smarter decision-making tools for farmers. This is why the accelerator focuses its program and fund around finding these opportunities and developing them to their full potential.

  • Nutrition
    Healthy and efficient, sustainable feeding solutions through alternative proteins.
  • Health
    Risk reduction through the development of new diagnostics, vaccines and medication for infectious diseases
  • Biotech
    Productivity improvement through the development of new genetic material, tools and methods of reproduction
  • Production
    Market opportunities through new species and production systems
  • Technology
    Improved control and increased production through new hardware and software

The program tailored to meet the needs of the aquaculture industry

Team and network are built with aquaculture in mind. It offers high-level expertise and facilities to fast-track your time to market.

Whether it is biology, engineering, marketing or legal questions, the accelerator guarantees it either has someone qualified on the team to help you directly or leverage our network to get the info you need asap.

What to expect from the HATCH accelerator program


  • USD 130 000 – you receive $75 000 in cash. $55 000 are in-kind services, including the program
  • approx. 50 on-site mentors, the network reaches significantly further than that
  • HATCH receives 8% equity of your company in the form of a convertible loan note
  • The program duration is 15 weeks
  • HATCH supports you with a full-time team of 8 people
  • All 3 locations have real offices that accompany up to 30 people min.
  • The program contains 3 demo days pitching to relevant and large audiences


There is currently no other organisation which combines deep insight into aquaculture technology across the globe, married with expertise and experience in venture capital whilst also providing a tailor specific development program in the form of the world’s 1st Aquaculture Accelerator.

HATCH has been designed to be at the intersection of sustainable aquaculture, technological innovation and venture capital. We have made over 30 startup investments in the sector, almost all of which attended one of our previous cohorts.

The majority of our startups are, or already have raised follow-on funding and are well underway to becoming pivotal forces in this industry. We understand the challenge of scaling a business and the speed at which you need to move to reach the next level. Our team brings an entrepreneurial mindset, deep sector expertise and a supporting network that provides unique insight and value to our portfolio companies

Driving results and challenging the teams

The accelerator facilitates an opportunity to focus on your business whilst providing you with the inputs and access to everyone in this industry that is relevant to you.

In return, we expect your fullest commitment and attention, an open mind and perseverance in abundance.

You will travel to places you probably have never seen before, in three different climate zones. Every week, you will be asked to justify your last weeks’ decision making and to demonstrate your progress and effort to our team so as to move as quickly as you can.

It will help you identify bottlenecks, introduce you to the contacts and data you need, keep you emotionally afloat whilst enabling you to develop a mindset that moves you to where you need to be.

Think you might be too young, too old or your company is too early or no longer a startup to benefit from this program?

Each of the cohorts consists of an amazing mix of people from different backgrounds, levels of experience, culture and locations. HATCH doesn’t care about how old you are, where you are from or what you are.

They care about you, your team, your technology, your business and your commitment to it.

You will be working every day with a team of qualified people to help your company grow and create a sustainable aquaculture industry.

Why participate

  • Mentoring
    Startups learn directly from aquaculture experts and experienced entrepreneurs
  • Financial Support
    The accelerator invests a total of USD 130k into each company (USD 75k in cash, 55k in-kind) and is able to provide additional funding
  • Industry Connection
    HATCH connects teams with aquaculture industry players across different markets and regions
  • Product Development
    The accelerator supports your prototyping and connects you with world-class CROs and R&D partners
  • Office Space
    The program offers access to office space for up to 12 months after the program at any of the locations worldwide
  • Know-How
    The team has an extensive accelerator and aquaculture experience and has helped raise €M’s in startup capital

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