Dates: March 12-13, 2020 | Register here
Prices: starting from EUR 20,-
Location: Paris, France

Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2020

Hello Tomorrow believes in the need for a radical transformation in the way we eat, move, power and run our industries.

This transformation can be supported by several waves of powerful technologies. What we refer to today as “deep technologies”, cutting-edge tech applied in digital, quantum physics, biology and new materials, offer new innovative production methods.

These technologies hold unparalleled potential, yet require unprecedented resources, energy and collaboration to bring positive change to our planet, society and industries.

Understand and question tomorrow

  • Space(s)

From moving around in our ever-growing cities to colonizing our solar system, our spaces just got a whole lot bigger. What are the solutions bringing closer, both societies and outer space?

  • Planet

Inspired by Nature, fuelled by research, new solutions are changing the rules. The deep tech revolution to save our planet is underway.

How radically must we change our behaviours to hold climate change in check?

  • Human

Curing diseases, fighting epidemics, extending life, without shying away from the ethical challenges; our societies are at a tipping point. What will it mean to be human in 30 years?

  • Machine

Robotic dexterity is shaping the future of work. Powerful quantum computers force us to rethink our idea of society. How can we design the ever-growing link between human and machine?

Connect with the right people in a unique setting

  • Attend an unconference session

Take time out from the official program and join one of the informal sessions with fellow attendees and startups to have an open discussion on a chosen challenge in business or deep tech.

  • Debate with experts

Hello Tomorrow has teamed up with Pint of Science for several debate sessions. To what extent should we merge human with machine? Can we balance food security and sustainability? We want your say on some of the most pressing societal questions in science and technology today.

  • Connect with the networking tool

You’ll be able to connect with every participant, exhibitor, partner and startup using the filters to guide you and find your perfect match!

Learn how to navigate through deep tech

How to craft a great exit strategy? How to overcome the challenges of corporate-startup collaboration or get know-how on biotech investment?

Take the right masterclass to succeed. Designed as the ultimate toolbox, join interactive sessions for innovation directors, startup founders and investors to succeed in the deep tech ecosystem.

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