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Location: London, the United Kingdom

HeroConf 2016

It’s safe to say that Hero Conf is not your typical conference experience. Here’s why.

The Networking

They don’t just provide a forum to rub elbows with big brands and expert speakers in PPC, they also provide a fun environment to do it in! The conference includes unique snack breaks and after hours entertainment where you can laugh and learn from your peers in the best way possible.

The Content

HeroConf takes pride on giving you the best learning experience possible. Each session provides new, exciting, unique and actionable tips that you can take back to your job and implement- every year, every event, every session.

The Meals

At Hero Conf, they don’t do boxed lunches.They provide full-seated breakfasts, lunches and snacks dashed with a local flair. HeroConf has fully catered evening events from world-class native vendors. And believe, it’s all delicious.

The Staff

Events are programmed and staffed by Hanapin team members, so at HeroConf you have a real commitment to the PPC community and the happiness of our attendees.

The Extras

Hero Conf is just simply different, in a really good way. The goal is to be a one-of-a-kind event with experiences you won’t find at typical industry happenings. In previous years, they hosted a Bloody Mary Bar and gave out some awesome swag. You’ll just have to attend to see what happens this year!

Hero Conf Workshops

You already know Hero Conf is an event unlike any other, but did you know we can help you apply the insights you learn at Hero Conf directly to your specific account?

During each workshop, attendees have the opportunity to discuss their most pressing challenges with an industry expert to deliver immediate, personalised improvements to their accounts. So which workshop is the best fit for you?

Advanced Excel Workshop:

This year, new Advanced Excel Workshop is introduced! Designed with the expert-level account manager in mind, these small group sessions are dedicated to uncovering efficiencies and effective work habits with Excel.

Agency Growth Workshop:

Hanapin’s president, Jeff Allen, discusses how to grow your agency from the ground up. This workshop is aimed to help search agency executives learn the ins and outs of what makes the wheel turn. From hiring, training, and recruiting to marketing, sales, and client services, the Agency Growth Workshop will teach you how to effectively develop your business.

1-on-1 Account Management Workshop:

Representatives join the conference from an array of e-commerce and lead generation accounts to help managers and analysts optimise their PPC accounts. The experts will allow you to guide the conversation and help find valuable solutions that best fit your needs to resolve any PPC issue.

Conference Venue:

etc.venues St Paul’s
200 Aldersgate Street,
London EC1A

All conference sessions will be held at etc.venues St Paul’s, a state of the art conference centre. Situated in the heart of London, St Paul’s is surrounded by the Museum of London, Postman’s Park and entertainment venues.

Etc.venues St Paul’s is located with convenient access to two major tube lines, a car park, Moorgate & Farringdon railway stations, plus a bus stop. You’ll have no trouble finding your way!

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