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Location: London, the United Kingdom

Innovation Summit Europe 2019

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” This aphorism has held firm since Peter Drucker first pronounced it. Drucker does not mean to dismiss the importance of strategy, but he implies that a powerful and empowering company culture is a vital route to a business’s success.

Innovation continues to push the limits of companies all over the world, and keeping up with the pace of change has become a skill of its own

Innovation can be a catalyst for growth, but also a risky expense that makes business leaders reluctant to initiate ideas.

How can innovators push forward existing technologies, devise new strategies and embed innovation in the culture of businesses that are struggling to adapt?

How can innovation be built into strategies for the short, medium and long term, whilst considering technologies that are not even available yet?

As an antidote to the typical tech conference, filling heads with wonder at the next transformational tools, The Economist Events takes a step back to look at how business leaders tackle the challenge of introducing and incorporating innovations into the day-to-day lives of their employees.

Join editors from The Economist, Fortune 500 leaders, policymakers, academics, corporate entrepreneurs, innovation directors and business development executives as they share their insights and discuss the future of integrating innovation.

This event takes a deeper look into:

  • Geopolitics: How business mindsets and strategy must evolve to keep pace with a changing world
  • Adopting, and adapting to, the right technologies
  • Tech check-up: AI, AR, digital-twin technology—a long-term perspective
  • Leadership and change: A CEO’s perspective
  • Debate: Do anti-competitive practices spell the end of the technology startup era?

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