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Participation fee: USD 100,-
1st prize: USD 2500,-
2nd prize: USD 1500,-
3rd prize: USD 1000,-

Laka Competition 2016: Architecture that reacts

Laka Architektura is a public art initiative that gathers architects, artists, designers, engineers and scientists in order to start an international panel for sharing innovative ideas about the future of society.

They share a vision of architecture that can play an important role in the social revitalization and can provide a positive impact on global issues by helping to develop more sustainable societies.

Laka Architektura invites designers from around the world to submit their ideas of architecture that reacts. That means architecture which is able to respond and adjust dynamically to the current needs and circumstances.

These circumstances are often unpredictable, but their consequences can be crucial. The architecture that reacts is the architecture that lives as a living organism since it responds to the external stimuli and it develops because of it—to react is to live.

Can architecture react to social needs?

The subject of the competition is a conceptual project of architecture that is socially engaged and is capable of reacting to unpredictable conditions and environmental, natural and social risks.

The architectural study should focus on architecture as a key field heading towards social revitalisation and increased safety and freedom of its users.

Proposed solutions should involve a thorough analysis of the problem, for example, starting from outlining global factors and indicating key directions for modern architectural solutions. The accuracy of this analysis and potential of proposed solutions are going to be the main components of projects’ assessment.

Judging Criteria

Participants are free to decide about the location of the project, its scale, size and the program.

Listed below are 3 highlighted issues that the jury will pay attention to during judging:

  1. A properly indicated architectural, social or environmental issue to solve
  2. An accurate analysis of the selected issue
  3. A properly chosen architectural solution that “reacts” and solves the indicated issue

Listed below are some issues that explain the concept of “Architecture that Reacts”:

  1. An ability to response to social, economic, environmental changes
  2. A level of social and environmental engagement of the design
  3. A relation with a specific social, natural and built
  4. A level of flexibility and adaptability of the design
  5. An innovative use of technology and sustainable systems
  6. A level of self-sufficiency of the design


USD 5000,- will be distributed among winners:

  • 1st prize: USD 2500,-
  • 2nd prize: USD 1500,-
  • 3rd prize: USD 1000,-
  • 10 honorable mentions will be selected
  • Winners and laureates special mentions will be published in several international online magazines, and at the Laka Competitions website
  • Selected designs will be considered to receive the support of Acceleration Partners through a process of qualification which will be separate from the process of awarding the main prizes.

Join Competition

Laka invites architects, students, engineers, biologists, sociologists, designers, thinkers and organizations to submit their ideas. No professional qualifications are necessary. Interdisciplinary teams are also encouraged to join.

Participants may submit multiple projects but must register each entry. There is no limit as to the number of participants per team. Individual entries are allowed.

After your registration has been approved, they will send you a unique number for your team (within 48 hours) and further information concerning the way your project should be submitted.
The registration number will be necessary to submit your proposal.

Submission Requirements:

  • Participants must submit their proposal not later than November 01, 2016 (23:59 UTC) at
  • This is a digital competition and the boards must be prepared in digital format. Hard copies will not be accepted.

The project submission must contain the following files:

  1. One board 24”(h) X 48”(w) in horizontal format with 150 dpi, saved as JPG file in RGB mode. The board should include all the information that entrants consider necessary to explain their proposal. In the upper right corner, the registration number must be included. This is an anonymous competition and the registration number must be the only form of identification. JPG file must be named according to the registration number (e.g. 0227.jpg)
  2. A DOC file with the projects statement (up to 500 words). The DOC file must be named according to the registration number (e.g. 0227-statement.doc).
  3. A DOC file with the entrants’ personal information: name, profession, address, email. In a case of the team, a team representative must be indicated. The DOC file must be named according to the registration number (ex. 0227-team.doc).

All three files must be placed in a folder named according to your registration number and archived to a ZIP file (e.g.

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