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Eligibility: This competition is open to Undergraduates, MBAs, PhDs, and students. Every student on a team must be enrolled in an academic program as of, or after July 31st. Those graduating before this date are unfortunately not eligible. All students must be enrolled in either a full-time or part-time program in which they will receive a formal degree from an accredited institution.

McGill International Portfolio Challenge 2020

McGill International Portfolio Challenge bridges the disconnect between academia and the finance industry through our innovative cases which tackle key issues that institutional investors play a critical role in.

It brings together hundreds of professional investors, actuaries, and students from a diverse set of backgrounds in order to solve these complex issues.

The First Virtual MIPC

MIPC 2020 will be hosted in a virtual format. While the opportunity to compete in a beautiful city of Montreal is one of MIPC’s biggest appeals, it is impossible to deliver this experience in-person this year due to university regulations and difficulty for sponsors and teams to travel to Montreal amid COVID-19.

Going virtual, the event can offer tons of new opportunities as well as a very relevant case that reflects our current reality, centering around the rise in protectionist tendencies and the desire for countries to become more economically independent amidst the current pandemic.

A global challenge to define the future of long-term investment

  • Virtual competition format: The semi-final round will incorporate pre-recorded video submissions with subsequent live Q&A; the final round will be fully live
  • More educational opportunities: A “Speaker Series”  is being designed and small-group discussions exclusive to participants as well as a mentor program for the semi-final teams
  • More targeted recruitment opportunities: More recruiting/networking opportunities are being incorporated over the whole challenge period, not just the finals “weekend”
  • Less expensive: The $1,000 semi-finalist fee is being removed; teams only pay the registration fee
  • More opportunities for prizes: The prize structure is being modified to better reward top proposals of equal merit as well as reward other, unique perspectives

Protectionism and Social Inequalities

The MIPC focuses on addressing societal issues which large, institutional investors play a critical role in. The cases center on solving these issues through innovative portfolio strategies that satisfy the needs of a broad range of stakeholders with competing interests.

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