Dates: September 22-23, 2016
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Location: Hamburg, Germany

NEXT 2016: Fast. First. Viable.

NEXT 2016 is the event for those who wants to actively participate in shaping the digital transformation. Together with 1.300 digital minds from all around the world, you will have the chance to dive deeply into the world of tomorrow’s customers, business models, and strategies.

The Conference prepares companies for the challenges and opportunities of developing digitalisation –  and helps them to stay fit for the future. In the vibrant surrounding of the Reeperbahn Festival, NEXT has become the digital and pop culture must-attend event of the year! Delegates of NEXT gain free priority access to more than 500 concerts, events and specialised activities.

Why NEXT 2016?

Yesterday’s assumptions are the jokes of today.

Business designs, marketing logics, value chains and interfaces remain in a permanent beta mode. That’s great if you are one of the few riding the wave of being highly adaptive to a clear vision.

But for the mass, being in beta is highly dangerous and risky when there is no clear understanding of future customers’ needs and rising technological possibilities. Without this view, permanent beta is just a reactive and frantic chase of trending waves.

What’s NEXT 2016?

It is always wise to look ahead, but difficult to look further than you can see.
The event will find profound answers to this big question. The science fiction will be put aside, so the spotlight can be turned solely on relevant business insights that inform the best decisions of tomorrow. A tomorrow where technology invalidates the old economy faster than business’ ability to grasp the thought of designing a new one.

During the conference, the core drivers of tomorrow’s upcoming and yesterday’s irrelevant will be discussed. The NEXT customer needs that are probably unmet, the NEXT habit-forming business models that haven’t been thought of yet, and the NEXT strategies that break free from old economy logics.

What’s NEXT in the way mankind will live?

  • What are the scenarios of how Artificial Intelligence will transform our workplaces?
  • How do we build social contracts for work instead of jobs?
  • Why may we need a Chief of Work – someone who designs the future of how we will work at top management level?
  • What, in three to five years time, will be the state-of-the-art tools and methods for a perfect working landscape?
  • What are the promising services and commerce solutions in the 21st century that will truly connect?
    Pioneering questions like these are the customer-centric core of the upcoming NEXT.

Consumer first. User first. Human first.

The major subjects covered during the 2016 jubilee edition of the NEXT Conference will be:

  • Behaviour Analysis | What are people doing and why the hell are they doing it?
  • Product Design | How to design the perfect experience for digital egos?
  • Platforms | How to build platforms and places that people love?
  • Artificial Intelligence | How will AI find its way into products, and what does it mean for humans?

Join NEXT for inspiration, lessons learnt and expert discussions on forward-looking insights, questions and hypotheses.

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