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Eligibility: There are no minimum requirements to qualify to the NSAC Conference 2018, however, students from the Nordic countries will have first priority. There are only a limited number of seats at the conference, and applications will be ranked in order to ensure that the most motivated and ambitious students get to be at the conference
Date: September 22, 2018
Conference fee: DKK 175,-
Location: Hellerup, Denmark

Nordic Study Abroad Conference 2018

Nordic Study Abroad Community (NSAC) is a non-profit international student community and organiser of the annual NSAC Conference, which aims to bring together and help ambitious Nordic students to study abroad.

The organisation consists entirely of students – a group of tremendously hardworking and driven volunteers, whose motivation sparks from their own ambition to study at the best universities in the world as well as from their desire of making a difference for other ambitious Nordic students.

The NSAC mission is helping and inspiring fellow Nordic students to pursue an education at the best universities abroad, as this will foster talented Nordic millennials, who are international and diverse citizens of a globalised world.

The Conference

Every year in September the NSAC Conference which unites 250 of the best Nordic students with top universities and international, high-achieving professionals and leaders is hosted.

This platform, which covers everything from traditional presentations to breakout sessions and panel discussions, provides students with the exquisite opportunity to interact directly with the best institutions in the world, to gather the information and inspiration they need to pursue world-class education.

In all, this day inspires young Nordic students to indulge in the single most important investment there is – themselves!

Why should you study abroad?

The day begins with registration followed by a networking-breakfast, after which the conference is commenced by a welcoming speech by NSAC president and partner and host, PwC.

The conference consists of various elements, each uniquely designed to make for a well-balanced, exciting and informational experience for the participants.

First and foremost are the university presentations, where representatives from the world’s finest educational institutions address the two driving questions behind NSAC Conference: Why should you study abroad? and How do you study abroad?

Furthermore, the conference includes unique panel discussions that make for a dynamic addition to the programme. Between these presentations and panels, motivational speakers share their personal stories e.g. on how they funded their world-class education or how studying abroad changed and formed their lives.

Throughout the conference, there will be networking sessions which provide the participating students with the unique opportunity to interact directly with the speakers as well as hand-picked student experts and ask any question they may have.

Interested in attending the Nordic Study Abroad Conference 2018? Register your participation by following the registration link and taking the suggested steps.

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