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Prices: starting from EUR 360,-
Location: Berlin, Germany

OEB 2016

OEB is the global, cross-sector conference on technology supporting learning and training.

Diverse. Collaborative. Transformative.

A unique, cross-sector focus, fostering exchange between the corporate, education and public service sectors

  • 2,300+ participants from 100 countries, bringing together their expertise and experiences
  • 80+ international exhibitors, ranging from established market leaders to emerging start-ups
  • 70+ sessions in various formats: hands-on workshops, plenaries, interactive breakout sessions, discussions and debates, labs, demos and performances.

Every year, OEB pushes boundaries, challenges preconceptions and catalyses new ideas – through innovations in the exhibition, interventions from participants and new forms of dialogue. At OEB, always expect the unexpected.

Theme 2016: Owning Learning

Tomorrow’s learning is about ownership. We will own our learning. We will control what, where, when and how we learn. We will access, link, combine, interpret and interact with knowledge. We will be empowered as never before. We will make learning work for us.

OEB 2016 is all about the new world of the empowered learner – a world in which learning is owned by learners.

  • Learning & Ownership
  • Learning without Limits
  • Learning & Investment
  • Learning & Design
  • Learning & Connecting
  • Future EDUCA: Learning and the Future
  • Business EDUCA: New Learning & New Work
  • Video EDUCA: Learning the New Literacy

Programme formats

Pre-conference workshops

Half- or full-day workshops, seminars and meetings with activities to develop practical skills, in-depth insights and knowledge.

Pre-conference workshops must be signed up to in advance.

Plenary sessions

The Opening Plenary, the OEB Debate and the Friday Plenaries feature world-class keynote speakers who will set the scene for the day – and night!

Interactive breakout sessions

Interactive breakout sessions engage participants with peer-learning activities and discussions in numerous formats, including round-table learning cafes, debates, crowdsourcing sessions, unconference gatherings, P2P exchanges and fishbowls.

The spotlight stage

The OEB Spotlight stage features a rolling programme of interactive formats, including interviews, debates, pitching sessions and performances. Pop in for a burst of left-field inspiration, entertainment and provocation!

The OEB Boardroom

Unique OEB Boardroom knowledge exchanges provide the opportunity to expand perspectives on a variety of issues. Ideal for collaboration!

Networking sessions

These sessions support thematic networking opportunities around key topics related to the themes of the event. The main objectives of each session are to provide you with a unique chance to interact with stakeholders in the field, develop new professional relationships, exchange key information and of course share your experience and insights with the OEB community.

Discovery demos

Discovery demos show off next-rev tools, next generation materials and pre-release products and give the chance to interact on an informal basis with developers and creators.

Tech labs

Follow the glow of the screens into one of the hands-on tech labs which offer training in the use of various tools and applications.

The OEB plenary debate

Always one of the highlights of OEB, the Plenary Debate is an opportunity for participants to discuss one of the most important issues of the day with expert speakers.

The parliamentary-style format encourages a lively exchange of views and allows plenty of time for audience participation. Let the participants hear your views on this year’s motion and tell us whether the future of teaching belongs to AI or humans.

This House believes artificial intelligence (AI) could, should and will replace teachers

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes increasingly ubiquitous and its use in applications in education and training becomes more commonplace, OEB`s expert speakers consider just how far AI can go.

Tickets are €55 and include entry to the event, an open bar (beer, wine, and soft drinks) and an extensive buffet of delicious international cuisine.

When: December 1, 2016 – 20:00
Where: Pavillion, Hotel InterContinental

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