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Eligibility: Any party including individuals, groups and corporations; There is no restriction on nationality, age, resident area, etc. Minor applicants shall obtain the permission of guardian; Multiple entries per person (or group or company) are permitted. It is possible for a party to belong to two or more application groups; Those who are involved or related to the judging process can enter this contest, but they are not able to receive prizes

Open Data Challenge for Public Transportation in Tokyo 2019

The 3rd Open Data Challenge for Public Transportation in Tokyo will publish richer data regarding the major public transport operators of the Tokyo metropolitan area than in the past contests.

The Association for Open Data of Public Transportation has promoted the openness of public transportation data with an aim to make public transportation in “Tokyo,” which is said to be the world’s most complicated, easier for all people, including foreign visitors, people with disabilities, and elderly to navigate.

The published data will include intra-station map, facility information, data for pedestrian space, and the information about Bluetooth Low Energy beacons placed in public spaces.

Contest overview

The contest calls for new applications and ideas using open data of public transportation and open data from other sources.

Anticipating the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020, the contest will welcome the submissions that will make it easy for everybody including the physically-challenged, overseas visitors, the aged, and people unfamiliar with Tokyo to use the public transportation there to reach their destinations.

It also welcomes a wide range of submissions that provide information about public transportation, ones that help the movement when a traveller changes trains and methods of transport indoors/outdoors, ones that make the movement itself enjoyable, etc.

Applications include, but not limited to, smartphone apps, Web services and IoT gadgets. The submissions can be prototypes of apps and business plans aside from real working applications.

One of the following data sets available here must be used by the submissions. It is a requirement. But the contest also encourages and welcomes submissions that use additional open data from collaborating open data sources and other sources.


The total amount of prizes will be two million Japanese YEN. Special awards from sponsors will also be announced.

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