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Eligibility: Early stage company looking to develop market-leading products, services and solutions
Location: Online

Quake Capital NYC 2021

Quake Capital invests in early-stage companies and takes a founder-friendly approach. It looks to build startup ecosystems and enhance innovation across multiple industry verticals and geographies.

The goal is to merge investment capital with intense hands-on training and leadership development. By building the right ecosystems the program can rapidly accelerate pre-seed and seed-stage companies, often producing 9 to 12 months’ worth of growth over the course of a three-month accelerator program.

In terms of what Quake looks for – it focuses heavily on traction (50%), team (30%) and market opportunity (20%).

Who should apply?

Quake Capital has a strong affinity for AdTech, AgTech, AR / VR, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cellular Communications (5G), Computer Vision, Cybersecurity, Energy, Esports, Healthtech, Infrastructure, SaaS, Social Media, Logistics, Machine Learning, Manufacturing, Marketplaces, MedTech, Robotics, and Transportation.

The program serves all geographies, but often seeks value in underserved areas.

Why apply?

The goal of this 12-week program is to prepare companies for hyper-growth mode and to raise an institutional round of capital.

Quake focuses on reverse engineering your raise. They backtrack the steps that need to be executed in order to help you get to your next round of funding – it is done by making your revenue and operating engine turnkey and ready for growth.

Small class sizes ensure that your startup will get the attention and support it needs, and Quake’s locations in the heart of four bustling cities on the cutting edge of innovation give your company an impressive advantage when it comes to securing additional investment and becoming a fast-growing, scalable, disruptive business.

Quake invests $150,000 in exchange for 5-10% equity

Valuation caps are $1M-$3.5M (some exceptions possible). In addition to investment you receive:

  • $100k in web hosting credits from Google Cloud
  • $100k in web hosting credits from Amazon Web Services
  • Access to Quake resources for life
  • Acceleration in a 12-week Quake program with intense, hands-on mentorship from Quake Mentors
  • Connections to the Quake network of founders, alumni and advisors globally
  • Perks worth over $1M
  • Office space for three months
  • Demo Days and other investor connections

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