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Eligibility: Innovators from all around the world

Reshape Competition 2019

Reshape is a platform promoting research, design and production of digital ideas, exploring implications and applications of technology in our society.

Representing an international community of designers, makers and customers inspired by innovation, Reshape intends to establish a new worldwide network of ideas and creativity able to shift the production paradigm.

Wearable technology and product design competition

Reshape organizes international competitions involving several institutions, aiming to produce innovative thinking and a high-quality network of designers

Living in the digital era gives rise to new problematics and challenges that can be reshaped by designers. Therefore, Reshape competitions seek for ideas which reconsider social interaction, economic viability, environmental issues, new digital tools and fabrication strategies.

Every year, reshape launch an international competition, focusing on wearable technology and product design. The contest invites innovators from all around the world, to propose new solutions, questioning the impact of technology on our daily life. The competition is open to a wide range of profiles, from designers to engineers, architects and makers.

Defining the future is a Design Challenge

We are moving towards an era of augmentation. Wearables, smart devices, and e-textiles are new solutions for future hybrid generations of interconnected humans and devices. The higher level of interaction is producing new paradigms, raising novel questions, imposing different habits, shifting economies and politics.

Through technology, we are on the edge of a change in the perception of our habitats, ecosystems, bodies, social behaviours and interactions.

The Challenge of RESHAPE V focuses on future applications of Wearable Tech and Smart Products, inviting creative minds to predict new trends, elaborate novel solutions, and recalibrate existing markets in the direction of more sustainable models.

The goal is to redefine contemporary devices towards a new generation of cognitive nodes, connecting us to our habitats and ecosystems.


We challenge designers to come up with clothing solutions that establish a connection with the environment. We seek a wide variety of proposals, from innovative materials and wearable electronics to prosthetic applications, with a mediating function between our body and its needs.

  • Wearable technology

We are looking for wearable products, programmable materials or biotechnology applications that intervene on common health issues, such as respiratory problems, harmful body postures, disabilities, and stress or tackle the pollution of natural elements – air, water.

The submitted project needs to present a clear prototyping design methodology, to involve digital manufacturing technologies, and to highlight qualities of safety and recyclability, suggesting the potential of being reused or composted.

Interdisciplinary processes, experimental approaches, and innovative design strategies become necessary for those striving to be the pioneers of this digital age.

  • Smart product

Smart Product design is the category directed to all creatives and designers interested in product solutions promoting well-being and health care and in a wide range of applications – from sports to automotive and medical devices.

Reshape challenges makers and designers to present a product able to function as the mediating factor between the forces shaping our environments, and monitoring, sensing, and interacting with the physical and digital world.

Proposals must take into consideration the social impact of their production and consumption cycle. Interdisciplinary processes, experimental approaches, and innovative design production are required to become the pioneers of the digital age.


  • Concept idea

Significant attention will be given to those projects that reconsider the idea of design in an inventive and experimental way, establishing interconnections between users, environment and data.

  • Prototype fabricability

Reshape aims to merge both design and making it in a complete creative process. Therefore, each design approach must present a clear fabrication strategy, materializing design solutions with tools that are available in a Fab Lab or Maker Space.

  • Dissemination strategy

A dissemination plan needs to be elaborated. In order to visualize your idea in a potential market, is crucial to set a dissemination strategy, proposing convincing scenarios of implementation for each proposal.


Reshape V edition will shortlist three winners, respectively from the Wearable technology and Smart product category. Additionally, two honourable mentions will be nominated for each category.

*100% Scholarship for the Wearable technology category 1st winner, 50% Scholarship program for the Smart Product category 1st winner. The inscription fee is not included.

The first winning designers will be awarded two scholarships* (value: 6.200 Euro) for the DESIGN FOR WEARABLES postgraduate program at IED Barcelona, and a financial prize up to 1.000 Euro.

Moreover, all selected talents, winners and honourable mentions, will have the chance to participate in Reshape Forum, with a free ticket pass at INDUSTRY: From Need to Solution Event (overall ticket price: 400 Euro).

At the Reshape Forum, designers will meet relevant industry leaders, presenting their proposals to the INDUSTRY and Reshape audience. Additionally, shortlisted projects will be showcased at Reshape Exhibition and invited to the Reshape Networking night.

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