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Location: London, The United Kingdom

School Leaders Summit

The School Leaders Summit is one of the centerpieces at Bett, aimed at addressing some of the most significant challenges currently facing senior leadership teams.

This highly popular feature has been expanded for 2017 to incorporate 2 separate streams:

  • Stream 1, focused on challenges, innovation, and future gazing, aiming to probe into some of the biggest challenges facing senior leaders.
  • Stream 2 is addressing the practical and business challenges of leadership in education – this stream is the ideal forum for School Business Managers and other members of senior leadership teams.

Networking is a central aspect of the summit, with a dedicated breakout area and numerous opportunities to network, expand knowledge and unite senior educators to address some of the greatest challenges facing education in 2017.

Key themes addressed it the program include:

  • Developing school business management skills
  • Developing future leaders
  • Academies – managing the process of conversion
  • The recruitment crisis – how to source top talent in challenging times
  • Utilising data to make informed decisions
  • Navigating a challenging educational landscape and flourishing

Higher Education Leaders Summit

The Higher Education Leaders Summit has been developed for 2017 to address some of the most significant challenges currently facing senior leaders across Higher Education.

Hear from your peers as they provide insight into legislation updates, technology enhancing student attainment, pedagogy, and strategies.

Recent changes in this sector have given rise to difficult questions, and this program is designed to equip the audience with the skills required to flourish in a rapidly changing landscape.

The summit offers the opportunity to learn from leading higher education institutions in the UK and abroad, as well as gain practical insights into improving the student experience and learning outcomes.

Key themes addressed in the program include:

  • Approaching the Teaching Excellence Framework?
  • Learning analytics and effective use in Higher Education
  • Traditional assessment methods and their suitability with modern pedagogy
  • The evolution of learning spaces – Digital literacy and safeguarding students

Be the next game changer

Game changer is defined as ‘an individual, event or product which results in a significant shift in how people behave or what’s possible.

This may sound like a huge deal, which it is. However, there’s no reason it couldn’t apply to you. With seminars, product showcases and demos from our own education industry’s game changers (combined with your own passion and the can-do attitude) Bett will set you up to make your mark.

Who do you think deserves the ‘game changer’ title?

There are a ton of people who have made or are making a real difference and chances are, many members of Bett community are spearheading change.

Whether it’s a famous figure, someone you’ve heard from in training, a colleague, a friend or even yourself, nominate your game changer Bett show.

The Bett Arena

Join 1,000 global educators in the Arena, the centre stage, for a passionate, open, knowledgeable and playful look at how together we can create a better future through education.

You are guaranteed to leave the Bett Arena with practical advice, insight, inspiration, tools and the realisation that you too are a game changer in the making. – individuals and products all creating an impact, resulting in a significant shift in how people behave and discover what’s possible in education.

The 2017 Arena game changers will reveal:

  • Take a seat in ‘Creative Schools: The Grassroots Revolution That’s transforming Education’…
  • What it takes to become a global game-changing teacher, from the Global Teacher Prize finalists and their students.
  • Is Education broken and could learning games be the alternative education to fix it?
  • AR – I hear it’s cool, but what benefits will it bring to the classroom?
  • Where are we at with women in STEM? – Future-gazing – A look at life in 2050 and what will education look like?
  • World tech launch exclusives – these will blow your mind and the outcomes in the classroom.
  • The schools being powered by nature – could students learn better when the outdoors comes into the classroom – and do the benefits extend beyond academic achievement?
  • Leading and learning in the digital age as a model for moving schools and districts forward.

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