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Dates: October 17-21, 2020
Prices: starting from EUR 29,-
Location: Catalonia, Spain

Startup Bootcamp 2020

Startup Bootcamp is a 5-day intensive acceleration and a crash course in business and entrepreneurship designed to bring a combination of knowledge & practice to startup founders and transform outstanding ideas into successful companies, providing resources, know-how and network

What to expect?

  • European Expertise

InnMind, an international online accelerator for 10,000+ tech startups from 75+ countries and 2,000 investors, helps founders to access finance, tools, knowledgebase, new markets, clients and strategic partners.

Focusing on the connection & networking, the 2020 Bootcamp is intended to equip entrepreneurs and startups of all stages with the tools to transform their business idea into an investable company.

  • Silicon Valley Resources

Designed to transform international startup ecosystems into world-class hubs providing resources, knowledge, network and innovation – Draper University, a top world entrepreneurship program for young leaders and innovators, founded by Tim Draper, has over 500+ alumni from 50 countries and helped to build 350+ startups that raised $470M+ in seed funding from venture investors.

  • Intensive Training

The expertise of the top Silicon Valley mentors and experience of the most successful startups will be conveyed throughout the 5-day program through interactive workshops, “know-how” lectures, practical cases, networking opportunities, strategic development techniques and much more to achieve the most important goal – make your business grow and accelerate.

  • Access to ‘Must Have’

A 5-day intensive course that will substitute over 3 months of hard work, looking for investors and developing your business plan. Led by the Silicon Valley investors, startup mentors, founders of the most recognised companies with a proven track of success, InnMind & Draper University is inviting international startups of all stages to join the Bootcamp of 2020, an event that will make an impact.

Who should attend?

  • Startups

Startup founders, willing to increase traction, build or strengthen sales funnel, grow business and attract capital from venture investors.

Whether you have a product on the market and first sales or just an MVP, this crash course will help you generate impressive traction.

  • Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial minds willing to learn about how to build companies from scratch, test business niche, analyse market, monetize and bring your idea to real businesses.

  • Executives

An executive looking into building an innovation lab or corporate incubator, find talent or attract niche specialists

What will you get?

  • Best Practice and Know-How

Study real startup success cases from Silicon Valley, get best-practices on how to grow your business, avoid typical mistakes and build a successful startup. Learn how multinationals have grown from the stage of ideas’ incubation.

  • Access to Venture & Angel Capital

Connect with serial investors and business angels from the USA & Europe. Pitch to venture capital investors and get a chance to raise investments from the Draper VC fund, well-known player from the Silicon Valley, and other investors.

  • Professional Advice & Feedback

One-to-one mentoring sessions with startup experts from Europe and Silicon Valley. Groups workshops to exchange best practices and feedback with other founders.

  • Startup Marketing and Growth Hacking

Reach your audience: customers and early adopters. Learn how major global companies achieved their growth. Get actionable advice and learn how to rapidly validate ideas with lean startup methodology and design thinking.

  • Essential Fundraising Insights

Receive knowledge base for successful fundraising from venture investors and business angels, including necessary tools, methods and templates on how to negotiate with investors, make an attractive investment pitch and secure your startup from an unfair valuation and investment conditions.

  • New Contacts & Contracts

Meet entrepreneurs and startup founders from abroad, establish new added-value relationships. Exchange ideas. Find partners, collaborators, distributors, supporters and potential clients in new regions.

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